Not For You

Outside Looking In

You know when you have that “Aha!” moment, and you can just about feel that light bulb turning on over your head?

Well I had one such moment recently.

It was during TWiB Radio Podcast #450 when our very own Ratchet-Ass Lawyer was droppin science and I was like DING!!

I had kinda known this already, but recent events going on in America have allowed for absolute clarity. The fog has been lifted, the dots connected, the scales fallen from eyes – light bulb lit and shining down Extreme LIGHT.


Here’s the deal. Many – including myself – had been looking at ish in the wrong way. Just a wee tilt and viewed from a different angle and BAM! You see and know Just How It Is.

For example. GZ walking made me feel that our system of laws and government was broken. But in fact it isn’t broken at all. It is functioning exactly the way it was designed to function. 

Peep this. I’m going to freestyle, flow my thoughts and paraphrase what Ratchet-Ass Lawyer said that brought me to this wonderful Fully Awake Moment:

See our founding fathers well they were landed, property owning (including slaves, don’t forget THAT), wealthy, able bodied, straight, white and male. They set up the government, the system of Law and Order and everything so that their power over every damn thing would stay secure.

Flash forward to the present day, and we still have the same systems in place, with a few changes here and there, but essentially it is doing the exact same thing it was doing from the jump.


Are you poor? And when I say poor, I mean anything from middle class on down to the bottom of the barrel. If so, then the government and its legal systems are Not For You.

Are you non-white? Especially if you are Black. If so, then the government and its legal systems are Not For You.

Are you female? If so, then the government and its legal systems are Not For You.

Don’t own land or property? Yep: Not For You.

Disabled? Don’t even front: Not For You.

LGBT? I hope you weren’t fooled by recent victories: Not For You.

Any combination of the above? Lawd, chile you are in a world of hurt cuz really really seriously: Not For You.


Don’t take my word for it. Disregard Ratchet-Ass Lawyer’s analysis if you wanna. But take a look around you. Really really LOOK.

I remember in the early weeks after this past general election when all the cabinets and committees and whatsnot were being formed. There was one committee – I forget what it was, but it really doesn’t matter – and some article was making a point that every single member on it was white and male. And prolly all that other founding father stuff too no doubt.

They went on to say that it really was no surprise because the pool in which they are bound by law to select members from was – yup you guessed it – all white and male too.

That ish is done on purpose.

There is a system of nepotism, good ole boy-ism and all of that sort of stuff that has been going on since George Washington et al. Right now, when the upper echelons of our government are more diverse than they’ve ever been, this network of white dudes are digging IN and Fighting and Pushing back because they will not have things be changed.

Change for them = loss of power and control. It means that if the tables get turned or even just simply equalized they will have to either give up or share power and they are so not about that lyfe.


Look at the shenanigans that went down in Texas. They tried to pull off a high risk maneuver and cheat in front of Lord Buddha and everybody. To them the stakes were just that high.

Oh yes, lying, cheating, robbin and stealin is nothing new. Our country was founded on all of that. They just do it all behind closed doors these days. That they were willing to be exposed to get what they wanted speaks volumes. Learn from that.

Know that, if any one thing as you Enter The Dragon and continue this battle. Also, with this new understanding we have to realize that our tactics must change.

You cannot use the master’s tools to tear down the master’s house. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.


So how to we go about dismantling the current systems of power? I have no idea, but I will tell you this. Governors wield immense power. They rule like kings over their states. Which, by the way, are far from being united.

Even the name of our country is a Big Ass LIE.

I don’t know what the political path is that would lead a person to be in position to run for governor of a state. I’m too tired to research that now. But that is something that we need to understand.

We need to play The Long Game. What we have existing right now was put into play decades ago. There are also paths to those committees I mentioned. As well as paths to positions in congress. We gotta be in it to win it. We have to choose our players wisely and then back them like nothing else and fight tooth and nail to see them in place.

Find the pathways to the positions of power. Boot out the old and crusty, bring in the new and awesome.

Those positions of power will be heavily guarded by the Gate Keepers, and they will do just about anything to keep out anyone and everyone who doesn’t fit the profile.

Every single person you know in your life who is of age should be registered to vote. This isn’t about voting on bills and filibustering like heroes and all that. No, this is a different game:

The people who put forth bills that need someone to stand on their feet for 10 hours to defeat it should not be there anymore.

Put them out to pasture. Replace them with human beings. Change the status quo. Make that paradigm shift.

Or this country will die. Look around you. Again, I say: Look Around You. If you like what you see, then I know where you stand in the power structure.

This is what we have wrought, and if we keep doing the same things and allow the power structure to be manned – pun fully intended – in the same ways it has always been: We will reap even more sorrow, death and pain.

I’ve had enough.

Have you?


I can feel it in the wind. Smell it in the rain. The monsoon lightning flash echoes my spark of Awareness. The Universe is tilting. 
Will you be thrown off, or slide away into oblivion – or you will wrassle that puppy and ride it all the way to a Brand New Existence?
I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore!

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2 Responses to Not For You

  1. lesreveriesderowena says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head!

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