Sunday Thoughts For Tuesday

MLK Memorial

I was traveling way out of my comfort zone these past five days. Literally and figuratively. But I had to go visit with family on the East Coast. I didn’t disclose my whereabouts or that I was gone from the Home Zone because reasons. But the picture above is one I took of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Washington D.C..

Didn’t really get to look closely at the expression on his face until I was reviewing and editing my pics. He looks about how I feel right now. About to swat America with that rolled up sheaf of his speeches he’s holding. Or maybe I’m just projecting. Whatevs.


Glad to be back, and proud of myself that I endured crowded planes and airports without having to resort to my emergency medication. I’m healing! Had a chance to test drive the Samsung Google Chromebook that kept me in touch with yall however sporadically. I think its a keeper! However with a few modifications. The lowercase KB made it nearly impossible for me to write.

Granted, I’ve memorized the KB and I rarely need to look at the keys, but when I do, my brain is looking for uppercase letters as a cue for where my fingers are supposed to be. For whatever reason, it just couldn’t deal. So I’ll be getting those handy replacement stickers methinks.


I had a deep and profound post scheduled for my first day back on my turf, but as you can see, I’ve opted out. I’m jet lagged and lightheaded from hunger and emotionally wrung out.

So my next post will be the deep and profound one.

Why So Hungry?

It is nothing really. But I heard tell it was


today, and as a Black person I’m not supposed to spend any money, anywhere. I returned home to an empty fridge, and thought I’d do my usual shopping for groceries today, but then I guess No Can Do.

No Justice, No Pizza!

I’ll be ok. I have a little bread and cheese and juice and water and I’m not doing anything else different then my sisters and brothers who’ve been fasting for Ramadan for the past few weeks so I’m just sorta complaining a bit to complain. That, and the last normal meal I had was nearly 24 hours ago.

But I’ll go a little hungry for #Trayvon


I believe the idea is to show the scope and breadth of the African-American buying power. If this thing catches on, then maybe. However, I say then tomorrow take a look at where you are spending your dollars and what on and why and make some permanent adjustments.

America makes billions off of Black Americans. From straight retail to the Prison Industrial Complex. What if we turned our 1.2 Trillion Dollar Buying Power towards ourselves, our communities, our businesses, and our political, social and educational interests?

This country would look VERY different in just a few short decades, Yes Ma’am. Food for thought. (yeah pun intended)


Missed me? Didn’t even know I was gone? Glad I’m baaack? LOL Open Thread say whatever you wanna I’m recharging myself for the next Battle.
Luff Yew!

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7 Responses to Sunday Thoughts For Tuesday

  1. bernasvibe says:

    Welcome back! I’ve been to see MLK,Jr…Fabulous job they did..Stood there in absolute awe..I was out of the loop @ The boycott..Till right AFTER I’d bought lunch..Ugh! But that whole concept is something my Daddy’s been saying for years & years…@ Hit ’em in the pocket to get the much deserved respect! Why? Because the mean green talks in our country. Sad, but it is what it IS. On the regular? I don’t pay FULL price for anything. The mark UP on items is insane..and I’m an admitted shopaholic! But I also won’t buy if its not on sale or mark down..Same product; tons off the price. I really never shopped so much(though I’ve always loved it & get a rush from it..) when I’m not single..This single crap is for the birds! Soon as I can get all things squared over..I’m back on the market! September can’t come fast enough..but jeez did I ever digress

    • Awake BW says:

      Thank you! It’s great to be back Home :) Sure are right about money talks in this country. I so heartily wish we could be the Monolith Black People in this one very important area. This nation has been making money and growing wealth off of us for long enough. Time we flipped the dang script.

      As for being single, I’ve never been married, or had a real desire to be hitched up. I’ve had several long term relationships, but I like my autonomy. I suppose if I ever settle down it will be in some sort of cool cutting edge polynatured thing with a couple of like minded individuals. But like yourself, I’ve got a lot of work to do on myself before I hop back into the fray.

      Digressions = Awesomeness :D

      • bernasvibe says:

        OOooo sounds like an exciting topic to read on @polynatural. I only think I know what that means..

        • Awake BW says:

          “Polynatured” is my way of saying
          And also there’s this (3rd paragraph is the clincher)

          Octavia E. Butler’s family structure in her Xenogenesis Series always intrigued me, and helped me make sense of why I oftentimes was happier in relationships of three than I was with just me and one other person. Aah! She is missed! Her mind was like fine wine.

          • bernasvibe says:

            Ahhhh ok I thought I knew what it was! I’m a bit too territorial for that type of relationship..BUT from what I’ve heard of it; it works for folks who engage..There was this show on Showtime I think or HBO; cant recall which one..It was called “Big Love” Was a series..and some kind of way I watched it a bit..The one thought that came to mind? Because the man had like 3 or 4 wives; was WHY does the man get to have all the fun??? I mean IF I were to be into those type of love relationships; just doesn’t seem fair only the man has multiple spouses..What IF the woman gets lonely when its not her night? OMG that part would drive me nuts wondering what “my” husband was doing with his other wife…We’d be headed straight for a polydivorce

          • Awake BW says:

            Those type of shows never seem to cover or talk about women who have many husbands. It isn’t as rare as you might think, and really it is just a reflection of our patriarchal culture. You can also see it expressed in that setup you mentioned. Doling out his affections on separate nights. Ain’t got time for that. Why do you think Queen Sized beds were invented? *giggles!*

            But the sexual aspects aside, I think it makes more sense – to me at least – to have communal type families. To find everything you need and want in just one person… well look at the divorce rate. Half the people that hitch up, split up. Our society tells us all about our One True Love and finding Our Soul Mate etc. That fantasy doesn’t help matters. And all the focus on the wedding and not the marriage itself.

            I find it quite easy to imagine finding 90% if not 100% of what I want and need spread out across two people. Partly because I’ve experienced it before, and also it makes more sense to me. I know tons of people have found their be all end all in one person, but tons also have not. It will be interesting when I hop back into the fray, no doubt about that!

            I look forward to it even though I realize it is a long way off. I’ve got a lot of personal work to do before I can even consider it. But you know me, I’m already working on my Exit Strategies ;)

          • bernasvibe says:

            Lol, lol! I’ve got a queen -sized bed; but never thought of filling it with 2 men..Lawd, my mind could wander and get lost just thinking about that. BUT first I’ve got to start with ONE again . lol..Its been a while but its time to get back UP on the saddle. Before I forget how..Oddly enough what you’ve said does make sense to me..However, I hardly believe the type of brother I’m attracted to would go for it. Territorial & alpha..

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