Wednesday Roundup

With everybody couching their racism behind dog whistles and whitesplaining speech, you just gotta admire this woman right here. She is just how I prefer my racists:


Totally out of the closet, Sign-carrying and proud. Nothing worse than the surprise racist. Just like some of you have experienced popping up on your FB and Twitter time lines. You thought your bestie of over ten years was hip to the things you were about, didn’t ya? Took the Zimmerman trial and verdict to make these undercover racists come out the woodwork.

Like I said, I prefer mine loud and proud and unmistakable. So many have had to make those gut wrenching decisions about what to do about their racist best friend and/or relatives. Good luck with that and I’m sorry that happened to you, but look on the bright side, now this lady will have more people to help her carry her sign.



Especially when pregnant. And especially after one day after giving birth. The woman’s tummy will stick out. That’s called “There is a Human Being Inside There” while she is pregnant and “OMG I Just Gave Birth To the Human I Spent 9 Months Making” afterwards and did you think the human body bounces back in 5 minutes like they make you think it does on TV?

Her tummy still sticking out is how she’s supposed to look. The uterus that holds a baby for 9 months will hold its shape for awhile – certainly within 24 hours of birth – after the baby has been born. Duh.

Royal Baby and Rents

Shame on all those people fat-shaming pregnant women and fat-shaming women who have given birth. The complete lack of respect for childbearing, birth and what it does to the human body is yet another symptom of our misogynistic, patriarchal, male dominated Rape Culture and I for one am sick of it.

Having a baby is no joke. Your body can be changed in a plethora of ways, often permanently. I know my body was. From your bone structure, skin and hair texture to issues with your endocrine system and internal organs.

And you want me to magically shrink my uterus back down to fit your idea of beauty and sexiness? Calling my baby making, awesome body, fat and out of shape? I just brought forth Human Life into this world: What did YOU do today? ireallywishamuthafukkaWOULD.

Giver Of Life


I keep forgetting to highlight this website: We Are The 15 Percent. It was one couple’s response to the racist wackjobs response to the totally awesome Cheerio’s ad that featured an interracial family. According to the 2008 census, %15 of new marriages are interracial, and so they set up a website where you can post pics of your own mixed families with your own awesome biracial kids. Check it out!

All The Probs



I still can’t talk much about:

1) GZ walking

2) PBO’s speech about his own experiences as a Black Man In America

3) Those awesome folks camping out in Florida’s state capitol

4) Those states deciding to make it damn near impossible to vote

5) Those states and legislators still all up in my vagina, but can’t seem to focus on jobs or education or the economy or anything. Just want to regulate my hooha and watch the country fall to ruin.

I am in constant danger of becoming overwhelmed with all the things that are breaking my heart and shattering my soul. I know it helps to write about them, but I have to pick and choose, what and when.

I leave you with this picture of beauty because I can and also because it is so very much needed at this moment in Space and Time.



Follow me on Twitter @AwakeBlackWoman If you wanna. Also there is a monsoon storm going on right now. Lovely and rare when it used to be the normal thing for late July.
I miss these storms. I’m going to go outside to run and play in the dark and the rain and the booming thunder.

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