Sunday Thoughts For Monday


Day late and a dollar short. But no, not really. I took an On Purpose day off yesterday. I escaped into the soothing world of fictional serial killers by watching Hannibal and Dexter. Real world headlines and news being way too awful, prompting my need to take a break.

Interesting, though. But then I’ve had a fascination for crime type stuff like a lot of people out there. From cop shows, forensics, thriller novels and what have you. So much easier to get lost in fiction when reality and the crimes against nature and humanity get too much.


Speaking of reality. I’m really getting concerned with all this white on white crime and violence. Little white children are increasingly vulnerable to its menace. From Newton to kids shooting each other “accidentally” with the family firearms.

Well, I’m sure something will eventually be done about it. I’m sure the white community has been working on it, marching, setting up coalitions and programs for decades just like the Black community has been doing with their own problems with violence and so on.

The revolution has by and large not been televised, so the average American has no idea. But I wish they’d stop trying to point out or use “Black on Black crime” as some sort of weapon of deflection. If you choose to do so, then you actually have no idea what you are talking about.

This fight, this tackling of the problem goes back decades, as I said before. Civil rights era, the 70’s – you name it, there have been people fighting for justice, and trying to get help with solving the problems in their communities. It doesn’t help that the government not only isn’t interested in helping, but that society, and its media engines has little interest as well. All of that certainly doesn’t mean that people have not dedicated years of their lives to the cause.

Get information. Get schooled before pointing fingers and opening your mouth. Nothing is simple, everything is complex, and you cannot solve anything by denying the history of How Things Are and How We Got Here. I am at a loss as to what to do. So I do what little I can with my words that float where they may on the currents of the ether.

Maybe one day I’ll find my Place in this world.


I write this because I said that I would always write on Sunday. But since I couldn’t, and wouldn’t here are My Thoughts today.
There is much more I could say, but the exhaustion that pulls at my bones and tugs at my Spirit, is real and has crippled me somewhat, but I refuse to be Silenced
So I write even if it is just these few words today.

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