Bring Your A Game


Because it’s about to get real in the Whole Foods parking lot. And in truth, it has been getting real for some time now. I just hadn’t seen it. I wondered in my early 20’s what I would be like in my 40’s. I know, most young folk don’t even try to contemplate aging, much less how or who they’ll be decades from their present reality.

I lived in a cocoon world. I thank my parents for that, for in many ways it did shelter me from much, and when the harsh realities hit me, I wasn’t much prepared for them in particular, but I had deep reserves of strength, self-reliance and bucket loads of self-confidence bordering on arrogance which helped me deal.

I had my ups and my downs, but for the most part I floated my way happily through life. The last 15 years has been quite eye-opening. It takes everyone on their own life schedule to finally Wake Up to what is going on in this world. And some never wake up. But that’s ok. Not everyone has to be an Insomniac To Life.

Web safety paranoia aside, I dubbed myself and this blog Awake Black Woman quite specifically. That, and I wanted to join the cohorts of Sistas out there with “______ Black Woman/Lady” monikers and such for their blogs and internet presence too. You can find a bunch of them on my links list of Insomniacs on the right sidebar of this blog. Enjoy your explorations!



Bring your A game. Select your team. Because you are going to need all the help you can get. You cannot do this alone, and that is another wisdom I’ve learned over the years. This is the most alone I’ve been in years, but I do still have a few select players on Team Let’s Kick Some Butt. I’m recruiting for more every day.

Because right now so many things are on an emergency level. Some of these things are Historical things. History in the making. As such, they might take longer to come to fruition, but Trust and Believe that they will indeed happen. Are you going to be surprised? Are you going to find yourself on the wrong team? Will you be oblivious that there is even a game being played?

I use sports analogies on purpose. For one thing, they are pretty universal, even if you don’t play or are into sports. Secondly, what is happening out here in the world is one big game. The key players view it as such, and laugh at those of us who have no clue, or can’t even get a ticket to the cheap seats, much less qualify for the teams.

I’m not sure there are going to be any winners. Because the game is heavily rigged, and if you want to view winning by cheating as true winning, then the winners have already written the rule books and have been for some time.

It is all about changing the field of play, and changing the rules. Tossing out the old, and bringing in the new. Putting your opponents on notice and off balance. They have been winning and grinning because we were blind, and also willing to play the game by their rules. Guaranteeing that we would lose each and every time.

Game Changers:

The Dream Defenders who who have been occupying the Florida State capital building for 16 days and counting. Check out that link, Follow them on twitter, check out #TakeOverFL

They are taking on the injustices surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin and the Zimmerman trial. Stand Your Ground Laws, Racial Profiling. They also do and have been doing so much more: Taking on the Prison Industrial Complex, the school-to-prison pipeline and advocating for clear and non-racialized immigration legislation.

That website link tells you what they are doing, who they are and what you can do to help. The youth of our country are Changing The Game, Writing New Rulebooks and Winning At Life. We can too.


This is the kind of activism I can get behind. The torch has been passed, and I’m happy to let the younger generation have at it. Those of us TAHD and broken from the fight can support from behind the scenes, get the word out on what they are doing and recharge ourselves for the time we feel we can and should get back into the ring.

Dream Defenders are organized, focused and determined to win. I can think of no better people than all of our children, the youth of this nation to flip the script, turn the tables and herald Real and True Change.


[UPDATE]: Dream Defender Melanie Andrade Reflects on Growing Up Black in Florida.

After speaking to Gov. Scott last week about my experiences and how it was growing up a black youth profiled in Florida, I felt like a shift was occurring. It wasn’t that he had heard me or any of my fellow Defenders. It wasn’t that he understood or empathized with being black in America.  It was that he was forced to agree to even having to discuss it in the first place.


The struggle continues. The seeds of change are carried on the winds. Our world such as it was and is… is tilting, changing, emerging, becoming something new.
I for one am Pleased. I for one will do what I can when I can. I for one Will Not Stop. I pray these things happen in my lifetime, but even if not, to my last breath I will keep fighting.

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4 Responses to Bring Your A Game

  1. bernasvibe says:

    Can’t resist reblogging this..Linking UP hand IN hand to make a positive, progressive change for the better..There is strength in numbers & the numbers add UP..Aren’t we finding that out more & more as we go along? Finally…Anyways many thanks as usual my Sista for enlightening me and all that read me..Virtual High 5^!!!!

  2. bernasvibe says:

    Reblogged this on Berna's Vibe~The Way I See IT and commented:
    Get enlightened & get ON board…

    • Awake BW says:

      Awesome Berna, and thank you! Over the past months when I’ve been down, I look to see what the Dream Defenders are doing and it keeps me going and helps me to refresh my own goals. They are truly an inspiration, and exactly what this world needs right now.

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