Maybe You Didn’t Know


Rosewood Burning

Sometimes the day to day reality of How Thing Are can be very puzzling. You are trying To Do The Right Things, and yet sometimes the Facts Of The Matter can leave you feeling confused.

Especially if you don’t understand What Has Gone One Before – the history of the sich – that leads up to what we have going on Right Here, Right Now.

Lots of times when I write, I leave helpful links scattered around to help you further your education on the subject I’m writing about. You may have noticed of late, that I’ve haven’t been doing too much of that. Basically, I’m tired of teaching.

Especially when you can highlight any phrase or word or words you want and right click on them and Go To if you have Google Chrome and/or copy paste into an open browser or search engine of your choice.

What I will do today, is bold the information that I feel you should do a search on, so to better understand, and further your own knowledge of what I’m writing about. I’m tired of teaching, but I am a Natural Born Teacher, so I can’t help but give you some sort of help as I do my blogging thing.


You look at what the media so helpfully points out for you: Black communities in crisis, inner city violence, poverty, crime etc etc that all seems to be grouped around or about People Of Color. There is some truth in there. The other Truths that are not spoken of, are the white communities that have those exact same issues and problems. But that is for another day.

You need to know that things just didn’t end up the way they are because Black people/POC are just naturally poor, shiftless, violent etc.

What I want you to see is the systemic acts of suppression, oppression, violence and destruction that have Purposely been brought to the doorsteps, the lives, the businesses, the land, the schools and churches of Black communities oh since after the Civil War on up to yesterday.

What are the effects of those things?



I don’t have to be an heir to a fortune to keep a family legacy of financial security going on down the generations. I could simply be the child, grand-child, great-grand-child of people who have – with the help of policies from the government – been able to establish wealth for themselves. Enough to be be able to pass it down to those family coming after them.

The New Deal, Welfare, The G.I. Bill, those types of things were established primarily for white people only. To give them a leg up, to allow them to own homes, to build businesses, to accumulate wealth, land and property.

What happens if you come from families that were denied those things?

Let us go even further back. Towns like Rosewood, Florida and the Rosewood Massacre happened ten-fold, a hundred-fold across this nation.

Black people established their own towns, ran their own businesses, owned their own homes and land, even had their own Wall Street – Black Wall Street of Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma. All obliterated in things like the Tulsa Race Riot and bastions of the Ku Klux Klan.


It is not for lack of trying. It is not for lack of doing whatever you can against all odds to gain what every American wants: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. A slice of the American pie, if you will.

Time and time again, those efforts were met with violence, death, burning, lynching, devastation and destruction.

How many times must you run away and rebuild? Should you even bother? Because when you reach that tipping point of success, you become a target and you will get killed and burned and ran out all over again.


Can you see through MY eyes? Can you see the generations of Black people striving, hoping, dreaming, working themselves to the bone? Can you see their efforts being turned to ash before their dying eyes?

Can you see how amazing it is that we have what we have at all?

That we have persevered despite those targeted efforts to eradicate our wealth, our land, our homes, our very existence?

Can you see that despite our best efforts whole communities are paying the price for what history has wrought?

Can you also see that we have – for decades and decades – and on up in to the present been fighting to combat those ills, and problems and issues? That we CAN and we DO address those things in our communities as well as tackle those issues that spring up on the national radar?

We have, if anything, become The Most Amazing Multitaskers You Will Ever Know. We can mourn Trayvon, and bring attention to what needs to be fixed surrounding his needless death, while at the same time CONTINUE our efforts to heal, save, rebuilt, fix what is happening in some of our hardest hit communities.

I say again: Just because mainstream media ignores what we are and have been doing, doesn’t mean it isn’t and hasn’t been happening. WAKE UP.


So if you want to help, want to understand, want to support, want to be an ally, but are yet still confused by the rhetoric, punditry and pointing of fingers – and the basic realities – at the very least gain for yourself the knowledge of history.

Begin to see what we have been up against for GENERATIONS. Begin to understand why some areas have fallen to wrack and ruin and the specter of violence and decay.

Understand what has gone on before, is still happening today.

Maybe in sheep’s clothing, maybe disguised a little bit, maybe hidden under legislation and policies that don’t speak clearly on what is actually happening.

SCOTUS said racism is in the past and by the way, the KKK will be holding a cross burning in Kentucky next month.

I give that link and that information to you as a JOLT. To help you Wake Up. Sometimes it takes the blatant racism and tactics of the Ku Klux Klan for people to understand what is happening.

But what is also happening doesn’t boldly wear white robes and burn crosses on a hill for all to see. What is happening is the gears of the machines starting to whir and click that are hell bent on making sure that Black people and other POC have a helluva time voting.

What is happening is the de-funding of our education, and schools. What is happening is job discrimination, government support programs being gutted. Those same programs that generations ago built the white middle class, and helped primarily white people well onto the path to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Now that these programs are allowed for non-whites, for the poor – including poor white people – they are vilified, and targeted for destruction just like those communities and towns of yore.

It is the same thing happening, but just disguised a little bit.


I hope this post has given you a starting point. A place to begin. The tools to see through the disguises. To tear off the masks hiding systemic racism and oppression that has gone on and is still going on.

To understand what is happening. To better yourself for your efforts in allyship, support and activism.

Now You Know.


As always, have your say below in comments. Ask questions, and I’ll try to answer as best I can.
I could have said more, I could have fleshed things out, but follow the bolded words and begin your searches and Learn and then go forth and Teach others.
With understanding comes Truth. With Knowledge comes Power. With Freedom comes Change.

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