And You Hate ME?

Refusing to Consent: Enslaved Women, Resistance, & Punishment.

And you hate me? I have seen narratives like this before. I, for one, have as full a grasp as I humanly can stand about what was done to my people during slavery – and afterwards too, I might add.

You should read that link, as hard as it might be to do so. And you should share it with as many people as you can. Understand that that sort of thing was not rare. On the contrary, it was the physical daily reality of being a slave. Especially a female slave.

The Suppressed Book About Slavery (1864).

Why All The Hate?.


Somewhere along the line there is going to be a tipping point. Many African-Americans are already past that point. More and more are passing it each and every day.

What point you may ask?

The point where we stop having any empathy whatsoever for white people. At. All.

What happens when someone reaches that point?

Look around you at our country for starters. There is no empathy for Black people in this nation. The laws are set up pretty much as they were when we were considered less than human, when we were slaves. They are not for us.

Five mothers on a jury couldn’t empathize with Trayvon’s mother. Could not see their own children in Trayvon.

Where a court of law had to be convened to make the judgement that Stop & Frisk is unconstitutional.

And yet that policy is still extant, and those meting out oppression on my young Black and Brown brothers on a daily basis will still be out and about, going about their business.

There have been several studies on the empathy – or the distinct lack thereof – that white people have for People Of Color.

When you have little to no empathy for a human being, it is so very easy to slip into disinterest, disregard, disrespect and then it is just a little step to hop on over to hate.

So far, for the most part, most Black people in America don’t actively hate white people. They still have empathy for them. An example can be seen in the universal outpouring of sorrow, horror and grief at the Newton shooting.


It is interesting to note, that I saw some people – very few mind you, but still a good many – who were like “meh” I can’t get into all of that. And why do you suppose someone might have that reaction?

They had already passed that tipping point. They had watched for decades as little Black kids were shot and killed and there was no national mourning for them. They weren’t able to muster up any empathy for a bunch of little white kids getting shot.

This is what is going to happen, but on a much wider scale, if things continue the way they are.


All we ever wanted was to be just left alone to live and work and laugh and cry and be an equal part of this nation that we had built out of our blood, sweat, tears and our very lives.

But we were not allowed to have even those basic things.

How long do you think we are going to be able to exist in this country and not become as insensitive, and un-empathetic, and down right “meh” about white people as they are about us?

What happens when the “meh” follows the natural progression to hate. On a wide-scale. When it isn’t some of us, or just a few of us, but nearly all of us?

There is a price to pay for disregarding my humanity.

There is a price to pay for disinterest in whether I live or die.

There is a price to pay for your lack of empathy.

There is a price to pay….

What will it be? When will the bill come due? You may not be willing to pay that price, but it will be paid in full either way.

So far, this nation has been very lucky. We could have, by all rights exacted revenge, punishment, done to others what had been done to us. But we never did. Oh here and there, yes on occasion. But as I said, America has been very lucky – and might even be living on borrowed time…

It is not too late.

That horrible tipping point is close, but still far enough away for changes to be made. For a course correction to be initiated. For a change of vector. For things to have a different outcome.


The pain, the sorrow, that fills my heart
is unspeakable.

Am I Not a Woman and A Sister

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11 Responses to And You Hate ME?

  1. celticlass says:

    This will probably sound pathetic but thank you for writing these posts. I am white and live in the UK, and feel hopelessly ignorant about so many horrible things that have happened and are still happening in America and the world over to black people. I often cry whilst reading your blog, more often out of anger that many white people are still so bigoted and just plain nasty. I genuinely don’t understand why they are this way. Even as a child I found it very confusing that certain attitudes were not discouraged, and in the case of some families actively encouraged. I want to apologise for such disgusting behaviour, but I know that that will be an empty gesture. Just please don’t stop writing. I’m getting a much needed education here!

    • Awake BW says:

      You are very welcome, and you know what? There is nothing pathetic about learning some ish you didn’t know about! Each country on the planet has its own Stuff That Happened, and while I know what threw down over here, I’m still every day learning something new about other nations.

      Which I suppose is a large point of blogging, and applications like WP that is so huge on networking, connecting and opening doors for us to explore people and places we might not ever get a chance to otherwise.

      I was so upset about well everything that has been piling up, and to hop on twitter and find out about that “Harriet Tubman Sex Tap” spoof/skit whatever the hell it was – well something just broke inside me. That, and the reaction of Russel Simmons who thought it “was one of the funniest things he’d ever seen” to quote his tweet nearly word for word.

      Slavery and its after effects have damaged us in so many ways…

      Thank you for reading, and speaking your thoughts – so heartfelt and well-received!

  2. infomediaman says:

    Reblogged this on Infomediaman's Blog and commented:
    Powerful and thought provoking. Whenever white America feels threatened, mainly economically, folks of color are discriminated against. More so than usual. Today we are seeing voter supression, stop and frisk being argued that it has merit, and random violence by law enforcement. Of course this has been the case since 1609, when the first 20 captives arrived. The pious folks that brought them here did not have the decency to address them by names.

    Our system in America, is a racist system, it is set up that way. From white sailors provoking violence between Latinos and Blacks in the 40’s, Japanese internment “camps” to people of color being denied affordable suburban housing in the 50’s.

    It’s not right.
    It can be changed. The GenXers have the power and the education. We just need a few more boomers to die off alone with their racist ways.

    Infomediaman out.

    • Awake BW says:

      Hey, thanks for your thoughts and the reblog!

      I was also thinking about comments made during the last election, and also quite recently from certain politicos and pundits that said things along these lines: “Black people were so much better off during slavery times”. and “The African-American family unit was much stronger back then” and “So much better off, you were fed, clothed and housed”.

      Yeah, like the whole thing was just one big Club Med vacation after a jolly Carnival Cruise. The whitewashing of American history, and the nature of that whitewashing, sometimes leaves me speechless. I simply am unable to believe what comes out of people’s mouths.

      And the weird thing about it is they say these things like millions of us don’t know what actually threw down. Like there aren’t existing narratives like the one I linked to in my post. Like there aren’t people alive today who have heard the stories from their own great-great-great+ grandparents who were slaves, passed along down through their families. That American slavery isn’t some foggy unknown past history. That it, and its effects lives on in each and every one of us Still Here.

  3. This is my first time commenting on here, that article was very emotional for me. Its crazy to learn about the things our ancestors endured, I learn something new all the time. They are trying to have things back to the way it used to be, I hate all these servant movies they keep making. Reading the history of our ppl is heartbreaking and makes me appreciate all they went through and how strong they were. It is a shame that man and wife were not respected and they could just violate the woman even though she was married. I did not hear about the harriet tubman thing wow so disrespectful. I can’t stand russell simmons he such a sell out. smh. They stay disrespecting black women past and present. I am losing patience and sympathy for them every dam day.

    • Awake BW says:

      I’m so glad you shared your thoughts! “I hate all these servant movies they keep making.” I’m SO glad you mentioned that. Ok because that whole thing has been driving me nuts. This last one The Butler keeps being excused by saying, oh its a true historical story blah blah blah. Ok fine. But. Show me an equal balance of hugely financed, well backed and supported, widely touted movies about Black people just being normal?

      My contention is, you can’t keep doing all these servant and slave movies without telling all our other stories too. The imbalance is glaring. ugh! I always tell people who have Netflix to take notice. Look on your main page of movie and TV offerings. Pull up pretty much any genre, drama, thrillers, scifi, you name it. and you see an ocean of white faces. Tons of movies, lots of genres, plethora of stories. The majority are all about white people, starring white people, and if there is a story about a Black person, it is through the eyes or POV of a white person 9 times outta 10.

      “makes me appreciate all they went through and how strong they were.” I love that you said this. That is the one of the main things that helps me to keep going. We the Black people of America are the descendants of those who survived. The strong, the unbreakable. People forget that.
      But we know the truth. That we come from incredible people. Artisans, scholars, warriors and writers. Storytellers and Queens. Scientists and Nation Builders. We are strong and we are Still Here and we will continue to not only survive but to Live, thrive and always, always tell our own stories, and know our own true histories through our eyes and our hearts. We won’t stop passing along our knowledge.

  4. DesiBjorn says:

    I really like the fact that you express that the path towards hatred is one that is both natural and logical. All too often mainstream society labels Black people as “angry” or “hostile” as if we have no right to the emotion (which only infuriates me more because it patronizes my feelings and suggests that I am irrational or that I am not entitled to my feelings).

    Also like that you explicitly state that there is still time to change and that not all Black people have reached the place of no return in terms of their anger and frustration.

    Good post.

    • Awake BW says:

      Thank you!
      I’m really trying to explore the hate thing that seems to come hand in hand with racism. I’m also trying to turn things around, and have white people examine that hate and whatever reasoning is behind it. Racism is irrational. “Because you’re Black” isn’t even a reason.

      The gains – like the reasons – for upholding the system of racism in this country are becoming smaller and smaller. Right now it is a political tool that is backed by legislation to further support our capitalist system.

      The problem is, that is very short-term thinking, and really Americans aren’t ever known for much long-term cogitation. Basically, because everything is connected to everything else, and the populations of People Of Color are growing, you simple cannot sustain a government and a nation by keeping a significant number of its citizens as simply fodder for the machine.

      We are tired of it.
      I only wonder if things will end up being changed in time.

      My honest feelings on the subject is that it won’t. I’ve seen signs of my own lack of empathy, and if me The Queen Of Compassion is falling victim to it, that doesn’t bode very well at all.

      • DesiBjorn says:

        Very good points. Part of the reason I think we’re seeing this increased aggression through legislation and enforcement (I.e. mandatory minimums, stop and frisk, and the repeal of rights and affirmative action) is because, like you said, the population of people of color is growing and the way to keep them a “minority” is by limiting their mobility and installing fear of the system which is controlled by the 1% minority.

        I think another reason for that panic by the controlling forces is because they are resisting the natural evolution and change that is happening. And because I think it is an organic change I believe that it things will have to change. Either for better or worse. I also believe that our kids and kids will be better than us. They will see the as foolish and unnatural and they won’t uphold the battle we are fighting now…they will just go with the natural flow of change and the world will change.

        • Awake BW says:

          Valid argument. I will think about that. Organic/natural evolution and change. I kinda like that! Omelette/Eggs etc, so things might get a bit rough during transitional moments, but I’m all about looking at things from ALL angles. I hadn’t thought about that. Thank You!

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