“I’m Bored”


There is all this hullabaloo surrounding the killing of that Australian national. I’m not interested in getting into it, except for one thing.

I’m trying to understand the pathology behind “I’m bored. Let’s go kill someone. For the fun of it.”

People want to race this thing up, and that is fine. Have at it. There’s a white kid, a Black kid, a Latino kid, a guy from another whole country. I don’t have the energy for this one. My allotment is spread out elsewhere.

What interests me is that this might very well be an American Culture thing.

Or a Disenfranchised American Male Youth Culture thing. I don’t know. I’ve seen plenty of disenfranchised young American males around about the ages of that trio working, marching, and doing amazing work with for and in support of the Dream Defenders.

So there’s that.


When I saw the “bored” headlines, I was reminded of a documentary I saw many years ago. It was about heroin use. There was a young couple who started using that drug because as they said “One day we were sitting around bored. So we decided to do heroin”. I still to this day cannot understand the thinking behind that.

To me, boredom is lack of imagination. There are about 10 things you can do right now to combat boredom. Take a walk, go see a movie, rent a DVD, read a book, play a video game, do some housecleaning, clean up your email inbox, learn a language, cook a meal, call a friend.

Notice, start using a hardcore drug and go kill someone wasn’t on that list. You could say my list was hardly imaginative. I could agree with you. But I also want to point out that there is a huge middle ground of things to explore BEFORE you opt for murder as your choice to alleviate your boredom.

Maybe because I’m so far removed from the Gun Culture that is pretty much part and parcel of American Culture, that I just really don’t understand. Maybe Shootin Shit Up (including people) is the American Pastime, not baseball, as so many would romantically like to believe.


People around the world are increasingly coming to the (correct) conclusion that they might need to think twice before booking that American Vacation, or reconsider studying abroad here, as the likelihood of being a victim of gun violence becomes statistically more probable every day that tics by.

Clinging to your guns with your cold dead hand means you also allow for pretty much anybody to be able to easily get their hands on a firearm. Including young, bored male teenagers.

Giving them the option for killing, when perhaps, sans gun, they might have took their bored selves to the hoop court or over to a friend’s house to play video games, or some other activity that wouldn’t have resulted in murder.


Of Interest:

This Victim Will Be Treated Like a Victim.

The Gun Report. Kinda why I have to allocate my energy. If I got emotionally involved with every gun related murder, maiming and accident etc- that is ALL I’d be able to do. Understand. That list is for just ONE DAY. August 13th, 2013.


It might seem like this post ended up being about gun control. Perhaps. But let us not forget about
The Value Of A Human Life.
(People trying to link this incident to Trayvon’s murder need to understand as illustrated in the above link, those two victims are not considered in anywhere near the same light.)
Maybe those three kids really were intent on ending someone’s life like it was nothing. Sans gun, maybe they would have drove around looking to run someone over. 
I don’t know.
I don’t like thinking about things like this. The pathology behind this incident scares the pajamas off me. America needs to take a hard look at itself.

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11 Responses to “I’m Bored”

  1. lesreveriesderowena says:

    That story was chilling. Like you, I cannot understand how anyone can be bored. I barely have enough time to do all I want to do!

    • Awake BW says:

      I know! I just don’t get it.
      A story I wanted to include in the post but didn’t speaks to that. Hope you don’t mind if I include it here in my reply to you :)

      Years ago I was very involved in the online world of Second Life. I think they call it “trolling” now, but back then harassing and bothering other people was called “griefing”. There was a prominent griefer who would target people playing bingo. On his blog he wrote a long garbled manifesto as to why he did such things. The nutshell was this:

      He was disgusted, that in a world, a venue, and application, a game, a metaverse – or whatever you wanted to call it – where you could pretty much do ANYTHING – heck your avatar can FLY – people chose to sit around playing bingo.

      I kind of agreed to his sentiment, however much I disagreed with his methods of expressing his distaste for people squandering the possibilities of platforms like online worlds where you can add content and design spaces in ways only limited by your imagination. I had similar distaste to those who would log into that world and chat about how bored they were.

      Boggled my mind.

      We can’t push off the ground with our feet and fly out here in the real world, but goodness knows there is so much you can do as an alternative to boredom, from simple every day things, to the fantastically complex, that I am just sickened when that choice defaults to the taking of human life. It offends me.

      • lesreveriesderowena says:

        Oh wow, thanks so much for that! I agree with the writer’s sentiments. It’s a crying shame, it really is! I remember visiting the village in Africa and these kids have absolutely nothing, yet they make their own toys and create artwork and musical instruments with junk. How brilliant is that? And what boggles my mind further is that these people who are supposedly bored will be pissed off if you initiate a conversation with them. I don’t get it.

        • Awake BW says:

          Oh Rowena! You totally reminded me of a similar experience I had when out and about in rural Kenya. The kids where showing me and my sibs how they made fun toy cars out of wire, string and rubber bands. We played with those things All Afternoon Long!

          • lesreveriesderowena says:

            Yes! Those wire cars are brilliant, aren’t they? I love rural African kids; they have nothing yet are never bored.

  2. mstoogood4yall says:

    I don’t see how they could be bored, go read a book, watch a movie, do some chores, get a summer job, volunteer, sleep, lol. They go their wish they won’t be bored anymore, they will be going to prison where they will have to look over their shoulder and be in their cells for long periods of time with someone they don’t know. Oh yes that is the ticket. All the problems in the world and they are bored, why not try to find solutions to those problems if they so bored. Now they wasted their lives and took somebody else’s. Now the world will see how sick this place is and how the culture is becoming more of a criminal culture.

    • Awake BW says:

      Yup! Not bored anymore are they? Heavy price to pay indeed. Saw a tweet yesterday about how USA is going to start being shunned because of our gun violence. I say good! I’m tired of having the NRA boot on my neck. Maybe that type of action/sanctions against our nation will finally wake up the GOP who bear the brunt of the responsibility for squashing the gun control bill. And not only that, had the thing so watered down it was practically useless had they even allowed it to pass.

      Ready access to firearms of pretty much any kind no matter what is how things stand right now. And wingnuts are asking us and our Black leaders to get all fired up and upset over this one incident out of the hundreds that happen every month in this country. When they do nothing against and even actively work for the culture and climate that allowed such a thing to happen in the first place.

  3. bernasvibe says:

    Wanted to bookmark this for myself so I can comment later when time permits…Be back later today for sure..Waving! Always love reading your line of thoughts on ‘stuff(=anything)

  4. bernasvibe says:

    @..”I’m trying to understand the pathology behind “I’m bored. Let’s go kill someone. For the fun of it.”..>> I can NOT wrap my brain around this sentiment and I’m glad! I do NOT want to understand it..I was a sharp-shooter backinthedays when I was in the Military; but so elated I never had to use my assigned weapons for other than training…Honestly can’t see hurting a living human or any of God’s creatures & certainly they’d have booted me of the Military had it come to me having to use a weapon. Thankfully I was able to serve and it never came to that..

    @..”Maybe because I’m so far removed from the Gun Culture that is pretty much part and parcel of American Culture, that I just really don’t understand. Maybe Shootin Shit Up (including people) is the American Pastime, not baseball, as so many would romantically like to believe…”>>THIS is not an American Passtime..NO one I know is into this shooting crap..We don’t kill for sport(never understood that mentality) We don’t kill period..Killing is NOT a sport..And if folks would stop training their youth for such things; maybe the mentality would die out..NRA is alive and well in our country…They’d rather stop breathing than get rid of their ARSENALS they have in their homes..It IS obvious what those type of folks are arming themselves for..And it is nothing nice..I was on the frontlines for rating video games backintheday…ALL that shooting in video games does is de-sensitize youth into thinking guns don’t do real harm..When common logic should tell a person shooting a living creature is permanent and fatal.

    @..”People want to race this thing up, and that is fine. Have at it. There’s a white kid, a Black kid, a Latino kid, a guy from another whole country. I don’t have the energy for this one. My allotment is spread out elsewhere…”>>The infamous they can try to race it UP all they want; this was NOT a race issue..It is an issue of kids who obviously haven’t been chaperoned, and their movements & belongings weren’t being monitored..Major FAIL on their parents fault. The money spent on guns should’ve been spent on BOOKS and education…To say they were bored clearly shows their ignorance and mindset..Absolutely unacceptable, sick , and beyond scary comment!

    >>Children and youth who are being progressively raised in a positive , loving environment do NOT have the time to be bored..Let alone to have this mindset. Parents? Tend to YOUR children and stop letting the boob tube/the INternet/video games and etc raise your children..That tidbit of unsolicited advice is priceless. (Spoken from a mother of 3 co-raised productive, progressive , educated BLACK males; who aren’t into any form of a gun)

    • Awake BW says:

      I think your points about parenting are extremely valid, Berna. Although we do have to take into consideration the history and the present circumstances that allow for parents being unable to be there for their kids, despite wanting to. Having to work two jobs, poverty, other social mores etc. I don’t know the stories behind the trio’s upbringing, but I can guess. This isn’t to excuse their behavior, but to solidify points made in my post. Yet another symptom of our country’s demise that needs to be addressed.

      “It IS obvious what those type of folks are arming themselves for..And it is nothing nice” I have to agree. I hear about people talking about how fun guns are, and they just use them to shoot on the range, how safe they are in the hands of “responsible gun owners”, and how I’m supposed to believe you need 5,000 rounds of ammo and an AK-47 to go deer hunting.

      That daily list of people being maimed, wounded and killed by guns is peppered with people who supposedly have the training and know-how to not have been on that list. Those “responsible gun owners”. Most of the millions of guns, those arsenals are in the hands of people who lack even the most basic of gun safety skills and training of those who do, and yet still find themselves (dead or wounded) on that daily list.

      I’m tired of it, and those who are trying to race it up over this international incident are either willfully deflecting attention from the real problem or unintentionally missing the crucial issues. Either way, or both, our country is in trouble.

      • bernasvibe says:

        I could get deep about the problematic parenting platform these days; but I won’t..Thinking you probably already know..I will say though I do NOT see both parents having to work outside the household as a something that is the BEST situation to raise children..It isn’t! Did alot of us have to do it? Yep! But WE had to parent 3 times as hard, because of that, than couples who parented but only 1 parent worked outside of the household..Major FAIL when women fought to give UP the main job of raising children…I’ve spoken /written on it before and yet its only just beginning to gain slow popularity again..Oddly enough though? I know countless families headed by White couples; who even homeschool their children cause they do NOT want someone else raising their children for 8 hours…

        Ditto all you said about the present state of gun LOVE in our country…I don’t ever want to understand that mindset.

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