CNN Dropped The Ball


CNN did not cover The March On Washington today.

I don’t do TV, but I was well informed by the Twitterati as to their glaring lack of coverage. Faux News also wasn’t covering it. I want you to see what company CNN keeps these days.

MSNBC was. I got to watch via live stream coverage from CBS. Al Jazeera America was covering it. C-SPAN was covering in. I’m sure tons of local networks and other cable news outlets and so on were covering it too.

But not CNN. The international 24 hour news network gave it a pass.


CNN’s Don “Please Siddown & Shup” Lemon seemed to be the (self-appointed?) spokesperson attempting to explain why CNN was ignoring the most newsworthy event going on in our Nation.

As you know, the actual anniversary of the 1963 March On Washington happens next Wednesday. Lemon said CNN would be covering the events on that day, so they are good.

No, you are not good. You have been sliding into irrelevancy since 2008, back when I had TV, and was watching CNN all day, every day. I have watched the anchor staff go from multicultured to lily white in the intervening years. Replacing Soledad O’Brien with a former Faux News anchor was a nice touch.

She is doing just fine btw, founding Starfish Media Group, her own production company and is working to produce more of her excellent content for Al Jazeera America.

Americans have a hard time letting go of brands that they know and trust. Right now, y’all gotta let go of CNN. It is not what it used to be, and has devolved into the type of “news” outlet that picks and chooses what it covers, instead of covering everything and letting the viewer decide what is important to them. That is not news. That is a television show.


Wake Up. Ditch CNN. Their time is over, long gone, in the past. I said it here, right now: In 2-5 years you won’t be able to distinguish between Fox News and CNN. They are already on that set course, and will end up there unless they start making changes. I don’t see that happening, and really, I don’t care if they do at this point.

If I had TV, I’d get my news exclusively from Al Jazeera America. Not only are they refreshingly good at broadcasting like professional journalists are supposed to, they hire POC anchors (GASP!) I’ve seen a few of their recorded broadcasts and it looks like they are doing an excellent job.


When a news outlet gives The March On Washington a pass, it tells me that they do not consider the issues of Black people important. That they have no interest in showing Black people in a positive light, doing positive things, and making history.
It tells me that they consider their viewers not interested in any of that either. I firmly believe they wouldn’t be covering Wednesday’s events either if the POTUS wasn’t scheduled to be there.
Skipping out on covering the activities of the President of the United States is a big no-no if you are a news outlet, even if he is Black, and attending a “Black event”. 
That would be going too far. CNN hasn’t yet sunk to those depths.

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7 Responses to CNN Dropped The Ball

  1. I don’t watch the news really anymore. cnn don’t surprise me, they used to be more diverse as u said now they just pretty much have whites and a whitewashed gay black male. Haven’t watch al Jazeera, I gotta find what channel its on.

  2. bernasvibe says:

    I’m not a big boob tube watcher either…So called American News we get here; has long been something I tired of…For a multitude of reasons; but basically cause long ago news shows became NOT news shows..With adding more & more Hollywoodish antics..As IF as Americans that is acceptable..It IS not. I’m not shocked that Fox didn’t broadcast the March on Washington today..Honestly not shocked CNN didn’t..Backintheday I always knew I could check into CNN quickly for uptodate and totheminute News…Hasn’t been the case in a while..I actually prefer to read my news these days…And mostly from overseas sites…They tend to be more honest about what is really happening in the world; and even IN our country. I do catch a bit of morning news shows during the week prior to heading off to work…But I won’t cater to a network who doesn’t employ folks of color..I dig Gayle King so I do catch her on CBS from timetotime…Haven’t checked out Soledad’s Al Jazeera..but will check her out..Always have & will always dig Soledad ALOT

  3. It is war. If they do not betray us, they will attack us or abandon us. How about our own broadcasting networks? Or Caribbean or African news channels?

  4. In terms of how low humanity can go, televised news is a constant reminder of that, not only because of what is broadcast, but because of what I can only sum up as being a chronic lack of integrity…so many people so willing to spin so little, and evidence of how little truth doesn’t much matter, but being trusted matters completely. Most people can’t tell the difference between journalism and reporting…full credit to the actors, and none to those who have a second drug, the perfect complement to Marx’s first one.

  5. revmatthews says:

    I’m in the process of reading your blog-work; I find you informative and thought-provoking (I’m too old to find a frame of reference to the modern television “entertainment” pieces you do.) I have a question: What is your opinion of BBC news?

    In this stage of life, I find engaging young Black minds (WEB DuBois’ so-called “talented tenth”), and challenging their belief set, in hopes of passing on a 60’s perspective, and maybe, just maybe, a little wisdom along the way. Keep writing, it’s a gift our ppl sorely need.

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