Just Read This

Whiteness Is Not The Neutral Storyteller.

Thank you, and goodnight.


Homework: Do the same on your own blogs. Post that article, reblog it, whatever. Boost the signal. Read it again. Three times. Pass it along. Join the conversation in comments over there. 
Ankhesen Mie is eloquent in her Truth Speaking. The world is a better place because she is in it, writing, and sharing.

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2 Responses to Just Read This

  1. mstoogood4yall says:

    that is a good blog I had read the article about a white girl and her black friends went to Europe and the European men were choosing her black friends over her and she was shocked, I forgot the website now thanks to u I found it again lol.
    anyway, I heard about that show with the women in prison I never watched it but I read what it was about and thought yep some more bs. They make these shows and have a token black that Is hardly ever the main focus and when they are they usually are dysfunctional. I can’t think of one show where a black person was the lead character and their character was healthy,married, faithful, a good parent, successful, and showed how they faced racism. But at the same time we can’t expect them to tell our stories accurately or without stereotypes, that is what they will always do. But it is up to us to not watch and not give our money to them.

    • Awake BW says:

      I actually saw all of the episodes (so far) of Orange Is The New Black. I liked it for what it was, and disliked it for what it wasn’t. Reading Ank’s post I could imagine all of the same POC characters – minus the white female lead – all interacting together in say a Living Single type show. Changed from a 1/2 hour sitcom to an 1 hour drama on cable TV or something. Adult, fine writing, fleshed out POC characters, engaging story arcs and so on.

      That sort of show could easily be done today, and is in the more “indie” areas – webisodes, webcasts etc (Awkward Black Girl, Unwritten Rules – and tons of other found on lists like this: http://theblackgirlsclub.blogspot.com/search/label/webtv ) – but in the mainstream, for not the insistence on keeping the racist status quo that caters to white supremacist ideals as mentioned in that post. There simply is no other excuse for not having well done mainstream diversity in our shows and movies.

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