The Obamacare Handbook


This post will have pretty much everything you need to understand what the Affordable Care Act can do for you, and in many cases is already doing for you. The focus here will be in debunking myths and lies, consolidating truth and information, and will be geared toward individuals and families, but will include info on what to do if you are a business/owner and want to/already are compliant with ACA law.


Many of you are confused about what the dealyo is with Obamacare. And I don’t blame you. certain entities have spent a lot of time and effort and your tax money to do just that. Please don’t let someone else decide things for you. This post is to help you along the way so you get all the FACTS and then can make an informed decision Your Self.

For you net-savvy ones all you need is THIS LINK. It will take you to Health Care dot gov and you can click your way into getting you and your family and your employees affordable healthcare.

In fact, that is the place where EVERYONE should start. So go ahead, click that link, bookmark it, save it, tattoo it on ya, DO IT. Like all my links, you’ll still stay right here on this blog, as the link opens up in a separate place. I’ll wait…


Also, to make the most of this post, you should do the same with ALL the links provided. Or at least the ones that pertain to your area of interest. Oh, and pass that info along to everyone you know.

My original Obamacare Post. In case you need the info provided there too.

[UPDATE]: Check back Right Here for more links to pass around:

Just The Facts: What Obamacare Will Do For You. Via electablog.

Obamacare By Zipcode. See what’s available in your area & how to get in on it.

Fifty Obamacare Facts. Can use these to combat the disinformation being spread around.

RiteAid Pharmacies Are On Board. See what savings on prescriptions are happening. (Also, Walgreens, CVS, WebMD on board too)


Some Info You Need To Know:

1. Everything kicks off on October 1st, 2013. The front page of that site will tell you just that and give you big fat buttons to click to get more information, so you can be ready. Oh Look! There is even a Live Chat link. You can give that a go too and get your info that way.

2. This post is bi-partisan. For those politically inclined, understand that this info is for American Citizens of any and ALL ilk, and as stated before: Focused on giving as much information as possible so you can make your own informed decisions.

3. I will say this though. Please try not to be like These Folks.

What exactly is kicking off October 1st? 

You get to sign up for the healthcare insurance exchanges. What are those, and what does it mean? Nutshell: when you sign up (at healthcare dot gov & other places I’ll name) on Oct 1st, insurance companies will compete, giving YOU the pick of the litter.

4 Steps to getting covered in the Health Insurance Marketplace.

True Short Story:

My usual state of being has been to have no healthcare coverage. Sometimes I luck out and my job offers it, but mostly, like millions of other Americans, I either “pay as I go/as needed” or play the Russian Roulette of searching for an individual plan that I can afford. Both options are very expensive. Yes, I was one of those who used the emergency room, free clinics and/or paying full price in cash at the door to local doctor’s offices as my healthcare. Ick.

I somehow got on a list and had these insurance “brokers” calling me all the time, with these offers of amazing health plans for individuals. I’d cut through the BS and simply ask how much this amazing coverage would cost. $85-$100/month was the low average for bare bones coverage, $125-$175/month the median average for slightly more benefits, but still skeletal, $220-$500 and upwards for full coverage, and yet still so much less benefits wise than what is available already now under the new ACA laws.

10 ways to get ready for the Health Insurance Marketplace.


Which brings me back to some helpful information and links on what you are going to get now that Things Have Already Changed for the Better. Instead of paying through the nose every month, and still having to do a co-pay per doctor visit, having only part of healthcare services rendered covered etc this is what is happening NOW:

Quick List of the Obamacare Awesomeness (Start HERE For Detailed List/Info/Links):

  • Creates the Health Insurance Marketplace, a new way for individuals, families, and small businesses to get health coverage
  • Requires insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing health conditions
  • Helps you understand the coverage you’re getting
  • Holds insurance companies accountable for rate increases
  • Makes it illegal for health insurance companies to arbitrarily cancel your health insurance just because you get sick
  • Protects your choice of doctors
  • Covers young adults under 26
  • Provides free preventive care
  • Ends lifetime and yearly dollar limits on coverage of essential health benefits
  • Guarantees your right to appeal

You can also go into any Walgreens and get information on Obamacare, and I believe sign up for the marketplace exchanges beginning October 1st there as well. For those not comfortable with the web, or who don’t have access. You can also get information and I think sign up by phone too:

Questions? Call 1-800-318-2596, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (TTY: 1-855-889-4325)

Basically. DO IT! Help your family members, friends, loved ones, co-workers – Everyone in your life, ok? They may have healthcare coverage they are happy with, but they might not. Passing along this information hurts no one.

How Obamacare saved Imani Gandy. This law is already in effect and saving many like her, and can and will save you too.

Oh and those exorbitant premiums I listed? Those are falling daily. In some states by 50%. Again, get the information, know the truth, understand what you will get, and how much (or little) it will cost you, then make your decision.

1 Obamacare Truth

Obamacare provision saved consumers $1.2 Billion. All since 2011 when those provisions took effect. Read it and get informed.

Thanks to Obamacare, major insurers  have to give back $36 million to California small businesses. Great read. It goes on to talk about rebates for families and individuals. Good info.

Obamacare: Spreading The Good News. More facts, more info.


The following is a link that discusses some of the main prevailing myths about Obamacare:

Obamacare Myths via Fact Check dot org.

The myths are listed, and then the REAL deal ie the FACTS are then discussed. It is a dense article, but I post the link for any  that are interested. Again, I’m here to inform and give you as much information as you can stand, so you can make your informed decision.

You’re Welcome.


In summary:

Start at Healthcare dot gov. Use the live chat feature to ask questions, get info. Peruse the links for same. Use this phone number (1-800-318-2596) or ask at Walgreens if the net is not for you. Do whatever it takes to get as informed as you possibly can.

My suggestion:

Sign up on October 1st.

You don’t have to decide right then and there. After getting signed up you have 6 Months to pick the coverage that is right for you and your family. Coverage officially kicks in January 2014.


I may do another Obamacare post either before and/or after October 1st, if enough additional information comes my way. But the links and info contained in this post should be enough to get well on your way.
I am not trolling for blog hits, so please understand when I say PASS THIS INFO ALONG TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND LOVE, it means pass along the links/info/phone numbers etc. If you wish to pass along this post in toto that is fine too, but not my goal.
Get informed, stay informed. Make those changes so that you and yours can finally have affordable excellent healthcare coverage.

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22 Responses to The Obamacare Handbook

  1. bernasvibe says:

    I’m very much a SUPPORTER of our POTUS and Obamacare..No shame in saying it & thankful we’ve finally got a president who cares enough to fight the good fight for all of US..2 thumbs up for sharing this info with those who need it.. Definitely worth a re-blog for sharing is caring!

  2. bernasvibe says:

    Reblogged this on Berna's Vibe~The Way I See IT and commented:
    Another can’t not resist the re-blog urge..Praise be to God we’ve got a POTUS who cares enough to have fought the good fight for ALL to have healthcare..As one of the richest countries in the World this should’ve been done long ago..Thank YOU President Barack Obama & administration !!!

    • Awake BW says:

      Thanks Berna!
      Few days ago I tweeted about my neighbor who dropped nearly word for word the myths and misconceptions of Obamacare being spread around. She won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. And I know she has health problems, she’s hobbling around bent over like she’s 80 and I know she’s not much older than I am.
      I also worry for her clients too. She is a care-giver to elderly/mentally ill and I hope she’s not passing along her poison to those who need this info the most.

      • bernasvibe says:

        And THAT is part of the problem..Or so I feel..People who do NOT know what Obamacare is about(because they did not READ about it or just prefer to be in denial) are passing along bad mis-information..That is so not in the interest of the people who could use it the most! And is one of the biggest problems with anything..Folks speaking on things they know nothing about..But like with anything else word of mouth will spread like wildfire..Just wait until people start reaping the benefits! They’ll spread the word & others will follow suit..Even those of us who already have great health insurance from our employers are going to benefit from Obamacare..Luckily I’m employed by an outstanding organization that let all of its employees know long ago what our new benefits would be..

        • Awake BW says:

          I dream a lot. I wish the govt would grab one or two major billboards in every town and slap that toll-free number on it for everyone to call in and get truth and any questions answered.

          I don’t do TV so I have no idea if they are doing it electronically ie getting the word out in ads nationwide. I know nearly a year ago, there was a lot of complaints that there just wasn’t enough information being put out there. To combat all the disinformation flying around. But you ARE right about that word of mouth. People won’t stop talking when they start actually experiencing the benefits of the ACA, just like Imani Gandy did with her FB post.

          The airwaves, radio, TV, during film previews at every movie theater etc, we should be saturated with that phone number and website. Good thing the twitterverse is getting the info out, and other social media. Person to person, one at a time, network by network, blog by blog.

  3. Kushite Prince says:

    Thank you for this! I will pass this blog around to others.

    • Awake BW says:

      Excellent! I’m doing whatever I can as well to get the word out. POC especially need to jump on this! The FREE preventative care programs alone are worth signing up everyone you know. So much of what ails us can be nipped in the bud.

      I tried to take advantage of preventative care the last time I had health insurance, but there was always a copay and not a lot was covered even partially. I ended up not being able to afford it. Obamacare has changed all that!

  4. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    Obama affordable health care is already helping people. Any new legislation needs to be studied to be completely understood. This will help you with the new health care.

    • Awake BW says:

      Awesome and thank you for reblog!
      I know from experience that women were getting the short end of the stick when it came to healthcare. Like it says on my sidebar: Thanks to Obamacare, being a woman will no longer be a pre-existing condition.
      About dang time, if you ask me!

  5. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for posting this! I was shocked and horrified the other day when I went to page recommended to me for a general strike against corruption in our govt. There were so many people involved who just wanted to shut down the govt to block Obamacare and even impeach our President ( gor imposing it and being according to them a Muslim socialist!) This information can legitimately be called suppressed.
    Please read and share this so people can find answers and get the care they need (unless they live in FL and are low income:-(

    • Why FL, and please explain. I am not so sure about all of this insurance stuff. When I had insurance paid by my employer, I was never able to use it as it did not cover holistic/alternative care, which really pissed me off.

      Does Obamacare cover alternatives? Recently, I read an article that it has been declared official that being under the care of a conventional doctor is the third leading cause of death in the US. The number of people dying are estimated to be at the very least 230,000 per year. That is certainly quite alarming! Wars in the last 12 years didn’t even kill that many US soldiers (although it did innocents, aka collateral damage).

      I’m quite suspect when a healthcare program does not cover alternatives, and if such is the case here, then I do not want any part of it! Already, people are heavily drugged, overmedicated, walking around like zombies with all kinds of respirators, bags and so forth. Why is this happening today. I do not recall seeing this 20 or even 10 years ago. I went to a regular grocery store/supermarket the other day, which I rarely do, since most of my food consumption is organic, and I was horrified by the people’s conditions and the types of foods in their carts that are probably creating the nightmares they are now living. Obama pledged to label our foods if they are GMO? Now we have the Monsanto Protection Provision :-(.

      Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food. Hippocrates

      • Awake BW says:

        That is a GREAT question, re alternative medicine being covered. Maybe you can ask on that phone number. Also, it is a cultural thing. American medicine/society does not put much value in any forms of healing other than “Western Medicine”. There has been some progress in some areas, in some states ie chiropractor used to not be covered and now is in some places. Would you let us know what you find out? I’m curious to know.

        And ditto on shopping cart horrors. For example If people would just stop drinking soda altogether and watch their sugar/processed food intake their health would be so much improved. That is preventative care that we can control our own selves. But as you saw, it seems like people are oblivious to those simple changes that can in many cases save their lives.

        • Good Morning Awake, thank you for your nice and insightful response. I will lok into it. Be Blessed!

          • Awake BW says:

            Oooh! VERY interesting article! It looks like there might be some “wiggle room” there. But it also looks like holistic and alternative providers will have to band together under their various associations and get recognized first as “legitimate” (sad that I had to even use that word) health practitioners, for most of what they provide to be covered.

            There are some worries that being swallowed up in the Great American Health Insurance Game along with everyone else, might be worse than if they weren’t. I’m glad that those things look they are and have been talked about, but it still looks like we are a long way off accepting “alternative medicine and healing” as a norm by our health care system however reformed.

            I still say it is a culture thing, and a very arrogant one at that. To think that “Western Medicine” is the only thing that works. And yet we have documentation going back centuries in other parts of the globe that these “new” and “alternative” techniques work, and are in many cases more effective. Oh Well.

            For example C-sections had been done successfully in Africa for centuries, when doctors in the West saw one done in 1879 and began to copy the anesthetic, suturing and most importantly antiseptic methods. Finally bringing down what had been until then, a horrendous mortality rate for Cesarean sections.

            Those Western “physicians” had no absolute CLUE about germs and those women died of infection if they didn’t from blood loss due to them not suturing the uterus. So Yeah…

          • You are so right on. I love your great insights!

            I’ve been following “Nourishing Traditions” by the Weston Price Foundation. Their premise is to live/eat like our ancestors did. They developed their wisdom over eons, before the advent of agriculture/modern farming methods and industry which removed us from nature.

            The funny or sad thing is that we have forgotten we are inherently nature, very much a part of it. We cannot remove ourselves from it or ignore it: when we do, the consequences are detrimental.

  6. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  7. revmatthews says:

    Reblogged this on African-American Culture 101 and commented:
    For all those who ask about ObamaCare, this is the best posting I could find. Props to the author!!!

    • Awake BW says:

      For some reason that link isn’t coming up for me. While I wait I will say this:
      1. If you are at or below a certain poverty-level income the fine for not getting insurance is waived. People can use that information number to call and ask what that income level is.

      2. If you are at another income level where getting even the affordable insurance the ACA offers is a hardship, there are subsidies that you can qualify for to help you pay for it. These subsidies are not pay you back ones, they are applied at the time you pay.
      An Example might got like this:
      Say your insurance is $500/mo for your family. You happen to qualify for $300/mo subsidy. You send in $200/mo. The difference gets paid by govt directly to insurer on your behalf.

      3. The fine that is due in 2015 is $95. That’s it. I suggest putting away $8.00/month in a piggy bank (or wherever). In a year you’ll have the amount. If it shows that you did not have insurance somewhere in the year 2014 – you have until March 2014 to sign up – that is the criteria they draw from to my understanding.

      Link is still not showing up! I can’t comment on what it says, telling how the fines will be collected, I imagine. I have no idea if they will be taken from bank accounts. I kind of wonder. So many people do not have bank accounts. I would imagine a more effective way would be to send a bill out via snail mail like everyone else on the planet still does.

      Thank link could be more myths and hysteria mongering. Especially over something that is not going to happen for well over a year from now.

      Something to note. Within that year, it will be the lucky person and lucky family that does not have a health issue that will crop up that ends up costing less than $95. Everyone should get covered.

      If people are not getting covered on principle – ie they can afford coverage but wish not to participate – and are also not wanting to pay the fine – well I got nothing for them.

      The Dems wanted single-pay, (I did too) the GOP said no, we won’t allow Obamacare to pass unless it is with this system of exchanges and everybody has to get covered. So thank them for all this confusion. I bet they thought if they chose this system instead of the other, the ACA would fail.
      Well it hasn’t and it won’t.

      Link still not coming up for me >_< I suggest calling that info number and asking how the fines will be collected. But common sense tells me that since it is so far away, nobody knows actually how it will be implemented right now, and also I'm pretty sure they'll most likely send out a bill like a normal entity requesting payments due.

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