How To Reblog

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Reblogging:  is the mechanism in blogging which allows users to repost the content of another user’s post with an indication that the content of the repost is a “reblog” from another user.


Please note the latter part of the definition above “indication that the content…is…from another user”.

I have no problem at all with people wanting to share my words with their followers on their blogs. I think the concept of the reblog – similar to retweeting on Twitter – is an awesome one.

However, you must be very careful when you want to post another person’s content onto your blog or website.


If you are a WordPress user, you have no worries, because when you are reading a post from another WP blog, the toolbar at the top of your window or tab will have a button for you to click with “reblog” and/or that cool reblog symbol – like the one pictured above. Just click and follow the directions. You can even add in a comment to your readers about the post you are reblogging.

WordPress is great, because it does two key things. It automatically formats the reblog for you, and indicates with a clearly written link where the original post came from.

And that is the key thing here for me:


It is basic etiquette and in some cases, will save you from getting into any legal problems. My blog is not monetized, I don’t make money off of what I write, but I still own and am the author of the articles I write, and appreciate getting acknowledgement when you put my words on your site.

If you don’t happen to have a WP blog, you can copy and past whole articles, but then the onus is on YOU to provide the link back and the text stating clearly that these are not your words but from such and such and so and so.

An example:

Hello happy readers! This is an article from the Awake Black Woman blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

(full text of blog post pasted here).

The underlined words in that sentence should take the form of a link directly back to the original post.

How easy is that? Done and Done.


I don’t use my personal name on my net presences because reasons. That doesn’t give people the right to just reblog, or copy and paste without stating where they got it and providing a link back to the original article.

My handle “Awake Black Woman” is my “brand” and does represent me, the real, living, breathing person who “pens” these words. So give credit where credit is due whether brand/company name or personal name.

Sometimes mistakes are made due to ignorance of procedure or netiquette, or whatever. I understand that. But know that it looks like you are straight up stealing words and articles and making it look like you are claiming them as your own, if you do not provide the link and information to who the original author of those words and articles are.

I am also a writer. I consider myself such. I am proud of my talent with the written word. I don’t like to see people passing off what I have written as their own work, even if done in ignorance.

So please pass this information along, so that everyone can share their words, their posts, their articles, their very Heart and Soul without worry.

Thanks – ABW


I wrote this because there was a little snafu awhile back where I saw from my admin page that my words were posted on a couple other sites. 
I checked – as I always do – to make sure there was a link back to me, and in two of the three cases there wasn’t. And the third, the linked text was in a very obscure location and didn’t feature the name of my blog.
(you don’t HAVE to include the name of the blog or site, you can simply say “source”, but I think it is a nice touch, and shows respect if you include as much information as possible on who authored the words you are sharing).
As Oliva Pope says: “It’s handled”, and turned out it was lack of knowledge not stealing. But it has bothered me a lot since it happened, so I felt a blog post was needed.
Knowledge Is Power. Getchu Some :D

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  1. lesreveriesderowena says:

    Well said!

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