What REALLY Happens


This is another post that is mostly for ME, but maybe it will help you too, if you’ve been getting bothered by the same thing I have. I just have to get this off my chest and out there into the world, and just maybe I’ll feel better.

I keep seeing this over and over again, in many, many places when I’m out and about on the internet. It shows up primarily in the comments section of blogs from the personal to the professional, and really any online article that allows for people to add their thoughts after reading.

It is something that is an after-effect of the Zimmerman Trial and I like it not one little bit. Not at ALL. When that subject comes up, and in many of these cases it has nothing to do with the pertinent article or post, there is always that one person – sometimes more than one – who chimes in about how

GZ had his head smashed repeatedly against the concrete

Or any similar variation on that theme. This is usually brought up to justify Trayvon Martin’s murder. But let us set that aside for now. This is what I want everyone to know:

What REALLY Happens When The Human Skull Connects Violently With The Pavement

First, think on your own experiences. You may have had your own head meet concrete, or known a family member or a friend who has. Think about what happened and what occurred directly after the incident.

Exhibit A

A childhood pal of mine, or rather of one of my siblings, would come over and play with us whenever his mom came to visit with our mom. He was kind of a wild kid. During one of his visits he ended up having one of those Back Of The Head Meets Flagstone Paving experiences.

It was awful. I still remember the sickening SMACK sound his head made when it hit. He managed to knock himself out briefly. I remember us all staring at him in shock as he lay there motionless. After our moms came zooming out to see what was going on – we all started screaming and yelling for help – we saw that our pal was actually not dead like we thought he was.

Dazed though, crying his head off, and blood: EVERYWHERE. He got medical attention – Of Course – and we were told later that he would be fine, he had a laceration and bruising from where he’d hit – hence all that dang blood, a mild concussion, but no skull fractures – he got off lucky – but would be ok after observation and a few days of rest and healing.

Note: Medical attention was administered. Head injuries bleed a LOT. Subject was knocked out, remained dazed when conscious. Stitches were in order, had mild concussion.

Exhibit B

My own fun experience with cranium meets driveway. It was my face and not the back of my head. My nose was split open, and there was a gash on my forehead. It was a bicycle mishap. I’ll note that a nose is much more tender than say the back of a skull, but we could agree that the forehead has similar bone density as the back of the head.

I got medical attention. There was blood: EVERYWHERE. My nose got stitched up, and I still bear a faint scar there. My forehead got stitched up, and that scar has faded to near invisibility over the decades. I lucked out like my pal and had no fractures, I don’t remember if I had a concussion (prolly did), but there was significant swelling and bruising and my face and head was swathed in bandages for weeks.

Note: Received medical attention. Had stitches. Observable reaction to the trauma aside from the lacerations ie swelling, bruising. I also remember being in shock as I was taken to the hospital. I was trembling, disoriented, crying and unsure what was happening to me.


I’ll go over briefly what happened to GZ according to his testimony, that of his lawyers and that of the perimedics at the scene. For corroborating pictures and text you will have to do your own Googling. I am not interested in having that person’s pictures on my blog or even on my hard drive.

He claimed to have had his head slammed repeatedly against the concrete. At the time, he was pretty much bald, and his scalp can be seen quite easily through what little hair stubble there was at the time.

There are small trickles of blood on the back of his head and near the top of his skull. In other pictures you can see the bandaids he or his wife put on those injuries later.

He refused medical attention from medical professionals.

There was no blood on his clothing, or at least not his blood. From the description of what he say happened to him, you would think, like in Exhibits A and B, there would have been blood: EVERYWHERE.

You would have thought that he would have gotten medical attention. He would have been dazed, concussed, needing stitches. There should have been significant observable bruising and swelling in those photographs.

There was none of that.

During the trial his face was plastered everywhere. I didn’t see any scars from the facial injuries he said he incurred and were also photographed at that time. The scars from my nose injuries, like I pointed out, are decades later still visible.

GZ refused medical attention for those injuries as well.


So people out there in Internet World. Stop saying GZ got his head slammed repeatedly against the sidewalk. He so obviously did not. And even so, even if he did have lacerations, bruising, swelling, stitches, all of that: It is no justification for murder.

Also note that he was able to give a lengthy, coherent, statement directly after his supposedly being a victim of and severely injured in a vicious attack. At no time was he unconscious, or even dazed, he had no concussion. He is seen on tape, laughing and interacting with the station staff.

His behavior is not that of a severely injured person who just escaped a mortal attack by the skin of his teeth. He does not appear shaken, or even shaking or trembling like someone in shock. He lies smoothly and easily and walks out of that station without any charges.

I feel sorry for those who fell for the fabrications, the lies and the spin doctoring. You’ve been had. You got hoodwinked. You got bamboozled.

But let us set aside the murder trial for a moment and just look back on the credibility – or lack thereof – surrounding GZ’s statements on his injuries, how he said he got them, and his behavior after sustaining them. Scroll back to the beginning of this post and read it again.

I’m tired of seeing people parroting back the lie of how this person endured such a violent attack and beating that he feared for his life.

GZ will end up in prison. Maybe there he’ll finally get to actually experience a REAL attack. A REAL beat down. Understand what it is REALLY like to have his head connect with concrete.

Recommended: DNA Report Does NOT Support GZ’s Claim That TM Caused His Injuries. Pictures, video and text for your perusal.


Thanks for listening. And YES I do feel much better having gotten this off my chest.
Feel free to pass this info along, use your own REAL experiences of head injuries etc. to combat the ignorance you encounter out there on the internet when this subject matter rears its ugly (barely injured) head.
Have a great Caturday! I’m going to go smoosh with my felines.

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3 Responses to What REALLY Happens

  1. revmatthews says:

    There are two kinds of ignorance. Simple ignorance is when a person just doesn’t know that they don’t know. Takes no thought to be simply ignorant, because zero begats zero.
    Compound ignorance, OTOH, requires a decision, in the face of rational thought, to conclude that a fact that does not fit into one’s preconceived notions is to be discarded, and harpooned repeatedly with a convenient lie. Takes a lot of effort to maintain compound ignorance, because Truth refuses to die.
    Indeed, Truth is immortal.

    When GZ stands before The Great Judge for final sentencing….well…that will be an interesting day.

  2. thanks for posting that, gz head did not look like his head was slammed against the concrete what I think happened is that maybe when trayvon punched him his head hit the ground but he did not have his head grabbed and banged on the ground like a coconut if that did happen he would more than likely have had a concussion. did the sidewalk have blood on it?

    • Awake BW says:

      I won’t get into it whether or not there was punch to the nose, and I hate speculating on events where I was not present. As with the accounts of head slamming and everything else: The only person on the planet alive to tell us what really happened is a known and documented pathological liar.

      There was so little blood found on the ground at the scene – I remember something about a few drops or droplets – that these same types explain that with the other line that keeps popping up: “It was washed away by the rain.”
      Yeah. Right.
      Such convenient and obliging rainfall. Washing away stuff here, but not there. Falling over here, but not over there. Getting this person wet, but not that person. I’m going to go with nobody got their head slammed on anything rather than believe in magical rain storms.

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