So Not Feelin It

Color Me Confused

Ok this post will be short and sweet bitter. I just need to get this off my chest. What in all the world is up with some people??

Been hiding away buried in Netflix as is my wont to help stave away The Ick as I call it. (See previous post). It usually works.

I checked out this show called The Following. The latter half of season one had the appearance of a Black female lawyer with the first name of: Olivia.

Ok fine. I mean I shouldn’t read too much into it. But it just kinda chapped my hide. Especially as her character was done so completely WRONG in that show. And by Done Wrong I mean victim of manipulation, blackmail, abduction, torture and mutilation.

It just sorta miffed me up. This is an original series, in that it wasn’t adapted from someone’s book or a remake of an earlier show or anything.

Meaning that the creator/writer – or whoever got to decide the names of the characters. I’m. Just. SAYING.

So ok, maybe there was no active thought process involved, and Olivia is such a pretty name so whatever.

Then earlier this evening while – OF COURSE – waiting for Scandal to show up on my Seekrut TV Watching site or hulu (whichever comes first) I decided to check out this new sci-fi show called The Tomorrow People.

Guess what the lightskinted, female, curly natural haired, best friend and all around helper character is named? Astrid.

Now, I ask you!

Astrid is not a common name! This show is actually a remake of a show from the late 70’s. It was also redone in the 90’s and some other audio remake whenever. And now the CW is taking it on.

I looked at the list of the names of the characters from all the remakes I could find. No Astrid. So again the creator/writer of this reboot was responsible for renaming/picking out the new names for the characters.

I’m. Just. SAYING.


Why am I so miffed out? That’s a great question. I will admit that I’m freshly reacting, as I’ve only recently in the past week finished watching The Following, and have only watched the first of the two episodes available for The Tomorrow People.

But I mean DANG.

Why choose those names in particular? And if not consciously then what? Didn’t someone say something like: oh hey you know Olivia is the first name of one of the most popular characters on one of the most popular shows on that other network, and she is a Black female lawyer and all too – maybe we pick a different name?

And if done on purpose then what… why? Some sort of backlash thing? And as for the Astrid name – some sort of homage? Or are all lightskinned, curly haired, supportive to the main character(s) best friend Black woman helper characters on sci-fi shows all going to be named Astrid now?

It is just too weird.

I’ll grant that I’m not operating at my best right now, but does this strike you as odd? Weird? Miff you out? Do you have questions too?


I feel a little better now that I got that off my chest.
Hopefully now either of my sites will have Scandal‘s latest episode up and I can drown my ire in so damn fine television watching.
Am I just having a Bad Week? What do you think about this character naming stuff? And for those who don’t know: Google Olivia Pope and Astrid Farnsworth.

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2 Responses to So Not Feelin It

  1. I don’t watch scandal or fringe but it is weird they would choose the same names as the characters and have some similarities. hmmm they could just be assuming u know if we try to copy those shows a bit we might get more viewers. smh I guess they think ppl are that simple….. maybe some are.

    • Awake BW says:

      It is the next day, and I’m still bothered lol. But at least I’m laughing. Sorta.
      The Astrid thing could be a copycat thing, or that homage thing I mentioned. But it just seems so strange a way to go about it. Maybe they DO think ppl are that simple? I dunno.

      The Olivia thing just seemed plain vindictive. Or maybe Black female lawyer characters are going be “Olivias” now. Again, I dunno. But on a show where there are precious few – next to none – Black female characters of any note to begin with, when one shows up – named Olivia or not – and is so degraded in such awful ways: well it sticks out; is highly noticeable; is very problematic.

      I feel like its on the tip of my tongue, is escaping me just why those two instances rubbed me the wrong way so much. I know my brain. It will either come to me after a dream, or (finally) get worked out in my subconscious and fade away. If it does come clear to me, I’ll letcha know. And thanks for posting your thoughts :)

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