World War Z Zombies Murked Me

—–> World War Z Spoilers Most Likely Just FYI <—–

You know, for The Zombie Apocalypse expert and fan that I am, it is to be noted how I kept forgetting to put World War Z in my Netflix DVD queue. Well I finally got around to doing it and I watched it last night.

I’m STILL trying to get over it LOL! I think I had nightmares about those damn zombies, I dunno. I woke up feeling like I’d just survived a plane ride full of those “zekes”, I tells ya.

I thought I was a G. But I was NOT prepared for these particular zombies, no ma’am and so sir! I’m pretty good at insulating myself from spoilers. I don’t do TV so any trailers I have to go find and/or click on myself to view. I also never read reviews of movies. Sometimes I read them after I’ve seen the movie in question, but really, I like to decide for myself if I’m gonna go see something.

And yeah, like I said, I’m pretty much an expert on zombies and whatnot. Or. So. I. THOUGHT! Like any zombie aficionado, I’ve seen dang hear ALL the movies and shows with ALL the different kinds of zombies. I’ve never really been freaked out by the zombies I’ve seen. Grossed out on occasion, but never actually FREAKED THE FUCK OUT.

While these fine specimens got in a lot of teeth chomping closeups it didn’t really look like they were there for the human buffet. Noooo what was driving them had No Time To Stop For Snacks. The way they went after people it was like they had to bite em and move on to the next person lickety split in order to spread the disease as fast as possible else explode or something.

They didn’t care if you were behind glass, a three story wall, flying in a helicopter. Newp such trivial barriers had no chance against these zombies. They would just dive in or at headlong towards their target. I really loved watching their body language – in between me screaming and throwing things at my screen that is.

As I said. I was murked. DONE.

Now I have to add in a whole new chapter to my Zombie Apocalypse Survival Handbook. Maybe three new chapters. Just in case we get these types of deaders. Because OMG you didn’t even get those graceful two or three minutes to make a decision that you got going on in The Walking Dead. You have about 10 seconds if you happen to be alone with someone who turns.

Good luck when you are in a crowd with people turning every other heartbeat. Really the only thing you can do is RUN LIKE HELL and chuck grenades everywhere. And I’m pretty miffed I won’t be able to gallop around on a horse and swinging my samurai sword. It will not be that kind of apocalypse. Darn it!

I also must give style and creepy and freak out points for the WAY in which people turned and those fricken SOUNDS they made once zombiefied. All that bone crackling and crunching, and I swear I heard some of that eerie Grudge-movie clicking thrown in there for extra extraness.

I live in an old place. Ish be clicking and creaking on occasion. Yes, I jump about three feet every time I hear something creak. I need help. I am unable to can.


Have you seen World War Z? Did those zombies freak you out too? Please tell me I’m simply off my game or something LOL
I’ll prolly watch it again in the cold light of day. I’m pretty sure I missed lotsa stuff due to my chronic episodes of screaming and whatnot.
You know how in those old school  horror movies when someone reeeeelly scared has their fingers dug into their face, dragging the skin downwards, pulling their lower eyelids while screaming hysterically-that was me ROFL
When things went down on the plane was when I truly lost it. I was rockinbagginfoaf moaning nonononono no NOOOO! Truly epic.
How about you?

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3 Responses to World War Z Zombies Murked Me

  1. celticlass says:

    I’ve made the mistake of trying to watch scary films a few times. Even a snippet of a horror film can traumatise me for weeks! We’re obviously sensitive souls. Still reckon that we could hold our own against zombies though. Do you think garlic would deter them, or is that only for vampires?

    • Awake BW says:

      See that’s the thing. I read and watch horror all the dang time. My fave genre outside of sci-fi. I just wasn’t ready for these seriously determined zombies LOL

      The garlic would work as a healthfood snack to chomp on while we RAN LIKE HELL from these ones. Think of the speed of Usain Bolt, plus the leaping skills of Jackie Joyner-Kersee and the seriously don’t give a flonk attitude and kill determination of a horde of Orcs.

      Like I said, this was a game changer LMAO! Prolly a big part of why I lost it so badly. I. Was. Not. Prepared.

      Quick! Grab my hand! We gotta RUN!! *lobs a grenade behind us* ;p

  2. sounds scary, I don’t like zombies, I can’t bring myself to play any zombie games let alone watch a whole movie or show about them. I played some where it was a zombie level and just tried to get through as quickly as possible. I love a good horror movie especially ones about hauntings can’t get enough of that, but lately the movies have been kinda the same and not that scary. The only movie that scared me was chucky I had nightmares about that doll and I was even side eyeing my own dolls and toys after that.

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