The Horrors Of Obamacare


The Scary Truth About The Affordable Care Act.

Love your current health plan? Keep it!

For those Americans who already have health insurance, the only changes you will see under the law are new benefits, better protections from insurance company abuses, and more value for every dollar you spend on health care.

If you like your plan you can keep it and you don’t have to change a thing due to the health care law.

Consumer Rights and Protections. (It’s now against the law for health insurance companies to eff with your health & your wallet).

In the past, insurance companies could take advantage of you. They could deny coverage to children who had asthma or were born with a heart defect, put a lifetime cap on the amount of care they would pay for, or cancel your coverage when you got sick just by finding an accidental mistake in your paperwork.

The Affordable Care Act creates a new Patient’s Bill of Rights that protects you from these and other abusive practices.

-End to pre-existing condition discrimination

-End to limits on Care

-End to coverage cancellations

More Affordable Coverage

The law helps you by bringing down health care costs and making sure your health care dollars are spent wisely.

Insurance companies will now be accountable to their customers for how they are spending premium dollars, and how much they are raising rates.

Plus, the new law will help lower costs through new tax credits and new marketplaces where insurers will have to compete for your business.

Value for your premium dollar: Thanks to the Affordable Care Act’s 80/20 rule, if insurance companies don’t spend at least 80 percent of your premium dollar on medical care and quality improvements rather than advertising, overhead and bonuses for executives, they will have to provide you a rebate.

In 2012, 8.5 million people received half a billion dollars in refunds.

-Stopping unreasonable rate increases

-Small business tax credits

Better Access to Care

-Free prevention benefits

Coverage for young adults: Under the law, most young adults who can’t get coverage through their jobs can stay on their parents’ plans until age 26 – a change that has already allowed 3.1 million young adults to get health coverage and given their families peace of mind.

-Affordable Insurance Exchanges

Strengthening Medicare.


You have until March 31st, 2014 to get coverage. If you can’t afford coverage, there are fee waivers and subsidies to help you get covered.

If you are in Dire Straights and need to be covered ASAP: Make sure to get insured by December 15th, 2013. Your coverage will kick in on January 1st, 2014.

Around a year from now the penalty for not having coverage will be $95.00. Put aside $8.00/month for twelve months and you have your penalty fee if for some strange reason you don’t wish to have healthcare coverage.

If you are low-income, will have hardship etc in paying for health insurance, as I said, you can qualify for waivers and/or subsidies. Ask about that when you sign up/apply.

4 Ways To Get Covered:

1. By Phone: Call 1-800-318-2596. Remember to ask about ways to pay for coverage/get covered if you have financial hardships.

2. The Healthcare Dot Gov website. Follow the easy directions. There is also a Live Chat feature if you need help.

States that have their own exchanges/websites:

California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Colombia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington.

Scroll down THIS LINK and find the chart that has your state’s website link, if you live in any of the above listed states. Use that link to apply and get covered. In Utah if you are a small business owner there is a link for you to use as well.

3. In Person. You can use Local Help Dot Healthcare Dot Gov site to find inperson help in your area. Your local  Walgreens, RiteAid and CVS pharmacies can give in person help to you as well.

4. Paper Application via Snail Mail. Here is the PDF Application. CLICK HERE for the instructions.


Truly Scary Story:

The other day one of my neighbors mentioned how he didn’t want to go to jail because of Obamacare. He was a tad incoherent, but I’m patient when it comes to these sort of things, so I finally was able to coax out of him what on earth he meant.

I believe he was referring to the everyone must have coverage or suffer the $95.00 penalty thing. Which doesn’t even kick in until somewhere in 2015. And also, nobody is going to be put in jail if they don’t have coverage.

I’ve owed the government (The IRS) $75.00 for the past oh five or six years I think it is. They once or twice a year (around April usually) send out a snail mail bill asking me to pony up the cash.

I haven’t paid due to that wonderful mix of being too broke, not paying on principle (H&R Block did my taxes so IRS is in error according to me), forgetting to pay or appeal, last on my list of stuff that needs paying or dealing with etc.

I haven’t been jailed yet, and that’s the IRS!

I calmed my neighbor’s fears and told him the facts of the matter, and it is funny because, he, like me already has healthcare – Medicare – which in AZ they automatically give you when you qualify for disability.


The scariest thing is to not have health insurance. The scariest thing is to have a medical emergency and not be insured. The scariest thing is to let misinformation and outright lies deter you from getting you and your family affordable awesome coverage and healthcare.

Especially now when it is in your grasp if you haven’t been able to afford it before, been unable to get covered due to pre-existing, or simply want to cover your family without going broke doing it.


SO Scawy!!

Recommended: Obamacare FACTS.


Get Covered

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27 Responses to The Horrors Of Obamacare

  1. Henshaw says:

    YIkes. These talking points are already out of date. People are losing their current plans for plans that either cost more or have much higher deductibles. This is simple economics. Any insurance company that covers more things will be more expensive.

    • Awake BW says:

      Wow! You must be a speed reader! I had my post up for less than 30 seconds before your reply came up.

      Please inform the government about their “out of date talking points”. I got all of these from white house dot gov.

      Thank you :)

      • Henshaw says:

        So blind faith is still alive and well.

      • bernasvibe says:

        Lmao! I literally fell out laughing when I saw his comment; and of course yours! You’re right ON point as usual…And folks who believe the terrible hype & Misinformation folks like Henshaw are parading around? Will miss out for sure…People can’t afford not to have health care these days or anyday. If folks just READ the Obamacare government website; it has all of the answers. A ton of info and insight..Alot of us are posting & re-blogging the topic..Thanks for getting the word out A.W. Kudos & 2 thumbs UP..

        • Do they cover naturepathic/homeopathic/alternative or preventive (not referring to vaccines or removing breasts because someone might be generically predisposed to cancer). Insurance I had for years I could never use because these areas were not covered. Thus far, it seems this new law does not cover those options, and I don’t believe in these drugged out, slash and burn system :(

          • Awake BW says:

            I know you asked that before on my previous ACA post. We discussed it a bit. You can use the phone number provided in my post to call and ask directly :)

          • I checked on it and it is all quite vague and ambiguous, which indicates if they do allow alternative medicine, it will only be very limited and after someone has given up their first child. Knowing the system, I’m sorry, but I can ‘t help being cynical. Would be great if I’m wrong, however.

          • Awake BW says:

            Which is a problem with Western Medicine as a whole, which is what our country’s healthcare system has been based on from the jump, so that’s what the ACA has to work with.

            Some of that research and holistic doctors gathering together – that stuff and links we discussed – looks promising. So as our medical system gets wiser, we’ll have access to more options.

          • bernasvibe says:

            I guess it would depend if it is approved by the FDA or not..Which might have been the issue with your insurance in the past..But I’m sure if you use the search engine on the Obamacare website that question can be answered…I’ve got to add though I don’t know of any insurance that will cover things that aren’t approved by the FDA. (and in my opinion for good reason..) Nevertheless I do know folks who wanted to try alternative care so much ; they funded it themselves. Good luck

          • For good reason? OK, provide me with good numbers on people who get slashed and burned, or treated with toxic substances, over choosing an alternative path. Prove to me!

          • bernasvibe says:

            First of all I don’t have to prove anything to you..My answer was sound & logical..Google up the meaning of sound & logical..It is simple enough..IF you want to use alternative methods of healing that are NOT approved by the FDA..YOU have the choice to pay for it..But it makes NO sense for any licensed professional or agency to just pay for ANY form of alternative methods..How would they know it was SAFE? Which in a nutshell is what the FDA is for..I again say I can understand why they’d not pay for any type of alternative methods that had not been approved by the FDA..You seem to be ready to argue because you can’t get what you want paid for by your insurance company…Certainly, as I’ve stated to you earlier, you have options. Pay for it yourself….If it isn’t approved by the FDA & you pay for it yourself..Hopefully you do the research first to try to ensure it is a safe alternative..Your issue appears to be with modern practices of medicine & not insurance issues nor lack of it. (as you stated you have insurance) Good luck though with finding any insurance carrier that will cover methods that aren’t proven medically safe . Take care & please don’t expect another response from me(but feel free to vent if it makes you feel better) :)

          • Do you understand you are the problem that plagues our planet without sound scientific data to back any of your claims. You are certainly not the solution!

          • bernasvibe says:

            See my prior answer…And count this as my very last response to you. I don’t have time to reply to illogical comments. Peace…

          • Awake BW says:

            Listen, this is going off topic and yelling at people isn’t the way to go either.
            As it stands in America, there is medicine and medical practices that are approved by the FDA, and others that are not, no matter how effective, the same or better they might be as the ones that are.

            Berna isn’t an FDA agent, and neither am I. I understand your frustration that certain holistic and alternative medicines and medical practices are not acceptable for our current health care system/to be covered for same, but please don’t take it out on the people who comment here.

            The links you provided on my previous Obamacare post had information on the people, medical groups, health practitioners and coalitions who are advocating and working to make those alternatives happen for our healthcare. You should be taking it up with them, since they are the actual ones on the front lines of what you want to see happen.

            If/when I do a post on alternative medicine and medical practices you can have a discussion about it there. This ain’t the post or the thread. And I don’t condone yelling at people on this blog. This ain’t the place for that either.

        • Awake BW says:

          Thank you Berna :)

          True story:
          Last month I wanted to see if I could get a better deal on my car insurance. I asked my current provider if they could help me out. They said they couldn’t, despite me being an awesome driver, owning one of the safest cars in America, being in the safest driver demographic, being on their insurance for almost 2 years, always paying my monthly premiums on time etc.

          So I shopped around. I found a provider who could save me $20/month on what I was currently paying. Guess which one I picked?

          The healthcare exchanges are for people to do with their health insurance what I just did with my car insurance. I’m not seeing what’s so damn scary about that ROFL I also don’t see why Henshaw is so concerned if me or you or anyone else wants to get covered. I’m sure me getting health insurance will mess his life up somehow. Pretty sure.

          • bernasvibe says:

            There is not-a-thing scary about it Sis! You’re right..What is sad though is that many, MANY Americans believe the hype(otherwise known as BULLSHIT) that the media & opponents to Obamacare have fed them..Sadly alot of folks don’t do their OWN research & use due diligence..For if they do? They’d discover what you and I(and a ton of other folks) already know. I’ve got excellent insurance already; so does my ex-husband..BUT we’ve been blessed! enough this past couple years that our middle son was covered under Obamacare..And withOUT Obamacare , as a full time college student plus working full time, he’d not have been covered under us. That is just one of the ways Obamacare options have been a positive factor in my family’s & extended family life already…And guess what? Regardless of the smoke screens & 3 ring (MULTI billlion dollar games the GOP played with this issue) circus and outright B.S. surrounding Obamacare? Still it IS working and thousands are signing up daily…I figured once folks figured out how it would benefit them, they’d realize they’d been hoodwinked..Jeeeeeez long as it IS to read; they could’ve used this 3 yrs to have read it (thus they’d have already known) Go figure..

          • Awake BW says:

            Oh my yes.
            Aaaaand the final link in my post has a link to the entire ACA document if peeps want to read it now and get caught up ;)

            I apologize for HW yelling at you. I check my blog every few hours, and I’m sorry I wasn’t online to head them off at the pass. If things get more froggy on here, I’ll have to start putting up more stringent conditions to posting. I was hoping that wouldn’t have to happen, but I’ll do it if I have to. Again, I apologize.

          • bernasvibe says:

            Oh no need for apologies! There was no way you nor I could be certain it was a troll..But I did have a mild suspicion..Which was why I responded as I did the first time..HWs second response made it certain. Lol..Which is why I added the final touch in my second response..I think both of the early commenters were trolls..Answered to quickly not to already be following you…The opps paid big money for such antics..ALL to stop people from having insurance..Isn’t that awful? The good news is it isn’t working…

          • Awake BW says:

            Trolls? Henshaw yes, HW perhaps. I think he has a pet hobby horse he likes to ride everywhere. To think we had a reasonable discussion on that topic before. Oh Well. And then there’s the undiagnosed (see my post on National Mental Health Awareness Day).

            Good thing the ACA expanded on behavioral health, pre-existing conditions and preventative care: People will be able to get help with minimum fuss and expense.

            That’s the other thing I find so pitiful about Obamacare detractors. They don’t realize that it was all about health care REFORM. All the shenanigans that the insurance companies used to do to the American people – umm it’s against the law for them to continue those practices, and they too will benefit from this law even if they hate it.

            What’s also interesting is that both you and I already have insurance. I’m sitting pretty. I don’t even have to write these posts, try to break down the ACA, provide concrete pathways for people to get the information they need. But we do it anyway, because we know about the millions of Americans who wanted and needed those reforms that allowed them to finally be able to get covered.

            Wanted and needed it so much they crashed a website. Up until October 1st, 2013 a website crashing due to millions of visits/hits used to be considered a mark of success.

            Well actually it still is ;) For those who are Awake and existing in reality, and not in some twilight zone where decent affordable health care and coverage for every American is some sort offensive thing. America was ranked 37th I believe in the global report the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently put out. Willing to shut down our govt and cost us billions so we could stay at that pitiful ranking. Shameful, that.

            I’d like to see our ranking the next time around after the ACA has kicked in. Also of note, so many detractors when interviewed and polled: Like the ACA but hate Obamacare. Don’t even know those are the exact same thing. Tells you a lot.

            Blessings, Berna and *HUGGS*

          • bernasvibe says:

            @Wanted and needed it so much they crashed a website. Up until October 1st, 2013 a website crashing due to millions of visits/hits used to be considered a mark of success…>>> Ok??? That was one of my first thoughts when the site crashed..Wonder how many other people thought of that..If only more would THINK and stop being led..All it takes is reading, alot, but still it is all there in good ole black & white…You get IT and many will read your blogs, mine and countless others to mayhaps get it also. Blessings & hugs back!

    • revmatthews says:

      @ Hen:

      Where was your righteous indignation, vim/vigor/vinegar & piss when a certain former governor-turned-losing-POTUS-candidate enacted an unreasonable facsimile of the HCA in HIS state? (One that the mere repititional mention of it during a debate caused him no undue embarrassment “Why, Governor, you ought to be voting for ME!”)

      Methinks you are simply a member of the BO-be-wrong-always wing of the GOP (aka the party that can’t win national elections to save their collective lives)…

      Sorry, ABW, but I love the “crunch” of conservative cockroaches, don’t you?

      • Henshaw says:

        Thanks for your comment. You can read my blog if you’re really interested in my thoughts on Romney. My guess is you’ll feel better with you’re idea of what I believe rather than actually challenging what you believe.

        It’s difficult to argue with faith.

  2. Kushite Prince says:

    Great post sis! This is good information. Everyone needs to read this and get informed. We can no longer be ignorant of what’s going on. I will definitely pass this post along to others. Thank you. :)

    • Awake BW says:

      You’re welcome!
      Just trying to clear the air from all the needless and unfounded panic and Drahmah the media and Certain Entities I Won’t Mention are stirring up.

      Also, every single time I’ve accessed healthcare dot gov both before, during and after October 1st – the site has worked perfectly for me. Today it was a little slow, but then so was Google ;)

      Some peeps can’t (or won’t) tell the difference between the ACA and the website – which is only 1 out of 4 ways you can sign up any darn way. There are no glitches in Obamacare – it’s not perfect, but it was the law agreed upon by BOTH parties so there we go lol

  3. revmatthews says:

    “These talking points are already out of date…”


    While using the straw man technique in a debate is perfectly legit, regurgitating the arguments presented by certain media outlets/conservative shills is lazy at best, and intellectually dishonest at worst. If you’re going to oppose the ACA (commonly known as “ObamaCare” in a sleazy attempt to disparage the LAW which was: passed by Congress AND upheld by the Supreme Court), do so on the basis of FACT, please.

    Thank you, ABW, for allowing me to stomp another cockroach of conservative thought.
    I owe you one. Since I try to pay my debts in a timely manner, here’s a little IRS-defense Nugget of Information:
    If the IRS sends your employer Form 668-W, Notice of Levy on Wages, Salary, and Other Income, congratulations! You’ve tripped the threshold for Returns Being Worth the Effort of Collections. File a complete Form 433-F, Collection Information Statement, and send it to the IRS. That should get them off your back. But something tells me you enjoy the little danse macabre you got going on with ’em…..

    • Awake BW says:

      LMAO! You are correct. I am enjoying the little foxtrot I got going on with the IRS. They never went so far as to contact employers or try garnishing or anything like that. Just that polite yearly reminder, hee! And now the income I am getting cannot be touched by them at all so: Oop! #SorryNotSorry lol

      “Thank you, ABW, for allowing me to stomp another cockroach of conservative thought.”
      I’m telling you that comment came up seconds after I’d hit the Post button. He pretty much did not read a damn thing I wrote, or accessed and read any of the handy links I (always) provide so folks know where I’m getting my stuff from.

      Talk about blind faith. I, at least research and read and compare my ish before doing ANYTHING – especially on something as important as insurance of any kind. So yeah.

  4. revmatthews says:

    @ Hen: “…You can read my blog if you’re really interested in my thoughts on Romney. My guess is you’ll feel better with you’re idea of what I believe rather than actually challenging what you believe…”

    (regains composure)

    Challenging what I believe, eh? You had 3 chances on that one, kid:
    slim, fat, and none.


    A few quotes are in order here. “I have been impressed so far by the Romney campaign. They’re staying on message and there’s no reason for a super exciting VP pick…” 6/19/12

    Headline, 6/25/12–“The Supreme Reason Ron Paul Supporters Should Vote for Romney in November”

    “Yesterday Mitt Romney gave one of his best speeches so far in this campaign at the NAACP convention in Houston…” 7/12/12 (LOL!!!)

    “…Paul Ryan is one of the nation’s premier communicators and he has a fantastic temperament…” 8/11/12

    Headline 10/21/12–“Romney is in the Lead with 16 Days to Go”
    (Hope springs eternal, I suppose)

    And, finally, a bit of prophesy in Nov. 5th headline…”Final Prediction: Romney in a Close One”
    “…Over the last two weeks Mitt Romney’s 4-point national advantage has evaporated. I don’t really have a good answer as to why…”

    Uh, howz ’bout….er…….He Never Had A Lead, and…Klan-Klickin’ Karl Rove is an Idjit.

    Howz ’bout DAT?

    (I’m a Saints fan. We like any use of “Dat” we can get away with.)

    You’re right, Hen. I DO feel better.


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