Theodore P. Wafer Murdered Renisha McBride

Now her killer can be named. Now that he is charged with committing an actual crime or something.

Here Is His Face. What He Looks Like. If you are curious. I refuse to download his mug and sully my precious hard drive with his likeness.

Click Here For The Details.

Sad to see Think Progress using the “homeowner” moniker. Yet. Even. And STILL.

The charges include murder in the second degree, which carries a term of up to life in prison; a manslaughter charge with a maximum term of 15 years in prison; and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony or attempted commission, which carries a term of two years in prison.

Now I want you to look at the language carefully, before you start rejoicing.

Murder in the second degree: UP TO life in prison

Manslaughter: MAXIMUM 15 years in prison

Possession of a firearm blah blah etc: TWO YEARS IN PRISON

What I’m interested in is the minimum term for murder in the second degree, and also the minimum for manslaughter. If you ignore all the other laws I’m about to touch on, and should Theodore P. Wafer actually get sentenced (which is another whole can of worms) it looks like the only solid length of time he could spend for killing 19 year old Renisha McBride is:

Two Years.



Unless the minimums for either 2nd degree murder and manslaughter are higher that two years, which I don’t know, and don’t feel like researching right now. And I’m TIRED to the bone. WEARY of all of this, and we’re just getting started.

Not to mention lazy journalism. Hey, I’m just a blogger, not getting paid to like research and write articles, but the first thing I thought about was ok what are the minimums in this case? But Oh WELL.


Now for all the other pesky stuff you don’t want to think about:

It is now clear that Michigan’s Stand Your Ground-like laws did not stop prosecutors from charging Wafer. Wafer may, however, still seek immunity from charges at trial.

Ok so he can still use SYG to get immunity from charges? That’s how awesome those laws are trigger-happy murderers.

He could also use the state’s Stand Your Ground law to show that he reasonably believed force was necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm.

How are they going to prove a 19 year old, injured and unarmed young woman at his front door = death or great bodily harm? Quite easily, because we’ve seen it all done before, over and over. They’ll start with the color of her skin and go from there.

I won’t mention the toxicology report they did on that dead young woman, but not on her killer, I won’t. But you think about that.

…when his lawyer, Cheryl Carpenter, spoke to the press, she said the shooting was “justified” and invoked the language of Michigan’s “Shoot First” laws that could immunize the homeowner from prosecution if he was acting in self-defense.

Pesky, pesky!

It was also mentioned in that articled that the “knocking” on the door sounded more like “banging”.

Hmm ok like that is supposed to mean anything. If I shot and killed everyone who banged on my front door…..

You see it is all these needling, little details that they toss out into the Universe. Those evil little words that don’t at first look to mean much. Why would they bother?

Because, like George Zimmerman’s lawyers, they are gearing up to paint a picture that would make anyone chosen on a jury think: Well OF COURSE he had to shoot her. He was well within his rights. He was terrified of the ravening beast banging at his door late at night and after all he was protecting his property too wasn’t he? This brave noble Homeowner!


Brief interlude for some thoughts:

Trayvon Martin was painted as a thug.

A few weeks before he was murdered, he was celebrating his mother’s birthday – riding horses. There is a picture of him on horseback, you just Google it on up if you don’t believe me. There is also a picture of him participating in some sort of Space Camp type dealy.

How many of you reading this rode horses on the regular? Is the horse riding activity part of your family’s lifestyle? Horse riding is a skill attained over time, with lessons and practice. Also, it ain’t cheap.  How many have the access and wherewithal to expose your kids to extras like space camp?

Well I rode horses as a kid, and all of us siblings knew how to ride. Space camp wasn’t on the menu, but specialized (ie expensive), focused extracurriculars certainly were. I’d say, a solid middle class upbringing, with solid middle class educated parents who wanted to best for their kids. Just like Trayvon Martin.

But he was a thug and deserved to be murdered.

Remember that gated community that GZ was so hell-bent on protecting? All those well-to-do Americans living in safety and comfort in their big houses? Well Trayvon might have been visiting, but his father LIVED THERE. In that secure, comfortable gated community for the well-to-do.

But he was a thug. Millions of people to this very day see him as such, and not as a typical teen from a middle class family walking down the street.

And I won’t mention the tox screen done on GZ that was suppressed. He was hopped up on pharmaceuticals that night, freshly dumped by his wife, coming from an argument and spoiling for a fight. Won’t mention those things at all.

I also won’t mention that farce of a trial, the months he scampered around free from charges (sound familiar?), and how everyone was connected: From GZ’s retired judge father, the police, the lawyers on both sides, the trial judge – it was a joke. The only satisfaction I get right now, is oopsies! GZ isn’t paying his lawyers. They haven’t seen one thin dime for the performance they put on and I hope they never will.

End interlude.


There is one ray of sunshine in this whole Renisha McBride murder case – now that it is a murder case, only took two weeks this time – and it goes a little something like this:

There were no signs forced entry into the home. Prosecutor Worthy said during the press conference Friday that McBride had not attempted to forcibly enter the home.

For Wafer to successfully invoke immunity under what is known as the “Castle Doctrine,” which authorizes deadly force without a duty to retreat in one’s home, he would have to show that McBride was “in the process of breaking and entering a dwelling.”

However, if things are as connected up as they were in the Zimmerman trial, it won’t matter a lick. Because look at this headline as well:

Renisha McBride Update: Theodore Wafer, Mich. homeowner, charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter in teen’s shooting death

That is from CBS News. They, like Think Progress and pretty much all of the other “news” outlets, keep sending that byte out over and over:

Homeowner, homeowner, homeowner.

Oh but not:

Killer, killer, killer or murderer, murderer, murderer – not even when he’s been charged with it.

Like I said before, I watched that man change from being called shooter, and gunman to householder (how archaic!) and homeowner. Right. Before. My. Eyes. (I bet you did too)

Pictures painted in the press.

Here’s my headline:

Renisha McBride Update: Theodore Wafer, of Michigan, charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter in teen’s shooting death

Here’s Think Progress’ headline:

BREAKING: Homeowner Who Shot Girl Seeking Help At His Door Charged With Murder

Here’s mine:

BREAKING: Man Who Shot Young Woman Seeking Help At His Door Charged With Murder


It is very sad, yet very predictable, that this murderer might go down – if he even ends up getting sentenced at all – for the two year felony weapons charge and not murder or manslaughter.
My outrage about this case continues.
Let us see what happens.
Theodore P. Wafer Murdered Renisha McBride

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9 Responses to Theodore P. Wafer Murdered Renisha McBride

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    I don’t need to see his face but we all need him to go to prison.

    • Awake BW says:

      Yup. But Guess Who is out on bail already? He gets to chill at his precious Home that he Owns while waiting for mid-December hearing to decide if he goes to trial or not. Yay.

      I guess I watch too many law and cop shows because I thought you could deny bail based on the fact THAT SOMEONE WAS A DANGER TO OTHERS/SOCIETY ie someone that just ended the life of another person. Killed them. Murdered them in cold blood. Shouldn’t he be behind bars while waiting for the next legal step to unfold?

      Apparently not. Like I said, the rage continues. But the Color Me Not Surprised also continues.

      HUGSSS Jackie! Glad you stopped by :)

      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

        I had not heard he is out on bail yet and I can’t tell you how sad that makes me. Do I hear a repeat coming down the pike? Perhaps the arrest was for show. They fool no one.

        I must be a minority here – I never watch cop shows. To me crime should never be classified as entertainment. Where parents watch, children will watch. Once that happens, over time I believe violence and death loses its shock value for kids.

        Hugs back at ‘cha. ;)

  3. Dr. Rex says:

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Now we know!!

  4. bernasvibe says:

    *sigh* I’ve tired of negativity about this or about ANYthing right about now..I’ll say it one ‘mo time; it was a LONG short week this week..No interest in playing devil’s advocate right now..So I’m going to send a bit of positive vibes about this case out into the universe..Wafer IS a murderer. We said from the onset whoever the named person was; they were a murderer. Thankfully this time, unlike Trayvon, it took 2 weeks instead of seemingly forever countless weeks for it to be declared MURDER. Wafer’s lawyer tore his panties/undies from the onset..His story didn’t match with Wafer’s at all..Said client was justified..How in the phuck can a client be justified for an accident??? And that IS what Wafer said from the onset..Think Progress can try to brainwash folks all they want..WE have got to keep saying & printing things the way they truly are..Or least , inasfar, as what we were told they were..Who in their right mind would believe a young 19 yr old INJURED female; was looking for trouble(instead of help!) in a White HOOD that un-Godly time ??? I’ve got matters heavy on my heart/mind about injustices against our BLACK youth..For kids that aren’t even the ones I birthed..I’m beyond fed up with this crap..It IS personal..Haven’t even figured out how to write out exactly what I want to say on it..Anyways, I wasn’t not going to add my 2 cents…Btw I am glad you didn’t post his face..The pics they’ve got of him make him look pathetic(on purpose) ..Gains no sympathy from me

    • Awake BW says:

      I will do an update post soon. I’ll keep taking one for the team, so you don’t have to, if it is too painful etc. Berna! I worry about you! But if writing heals for you, then by all means. Just know I got your back as always HUGGSS!

      I try to wait a bit between revelations in the “press” that I read, because half the time they are inaccurate speculations. I like to report facts if I can. Hard thing to do these days.

      Fact is, Renisha was impaired – the toxicology results – she crashed her car perhaps due to that impairment. Defense might wish to add that to their painting as yet another thing to destroy the character of this dead young woman.

      I see it as yet another addition to how she was NOT a threat: young, female, impaired, injured, unarmed etc. But We Shall See.

      (Mind you teen drinking and teen drinking & driving is a THING in this country across ALL races. And yet the sentence for such a THING is not death, last I checked).

      The “She was drunk driving so she deserved to shot in the face” defense has a good chance of arising. A murderer got acquitted on the “He was unarmed young black and male and walking in a (GASP!) hooded garment in the rain” defense after all.

      Other things to note, which I bet we won’t see in the “news” much, if at all – that Theodore P. Wafer has a long list of DUI on his driving record, to Renisha’s total of two. The night of her death, and one other some years prior. And of course we dunno if Shooty McKiller was impaired himself that night because No Tox Screen For White Murderers.

      • bernasvibe says:

        Concur 1000% ..Haven’t we all tired though of going backwards? This crap is getting worse..Lawd, knows that infamous ‘they’ has treated our POTUS like a dog! NO time in history has a president been this disrespected by his OWN peers no less..It is one thing to be disliked or even disagreed with..But this reeks of something totally different..And it is this mindset finding its way into every arena..Including how so called private citizens FEEL they can treat our youth..I’ve put off writing on this topic all weekend..Was trying to wait on word from my mentee..Yet another Black youth..Under-privileged/under-loved/under-represented by family positive family members/under-educated..You name it alot of unders are attached to her..I’m praying alot..But I’m rambling..Trying to write it out now but getting no where..It is personal. This whole situation stinks..Thanks be to God the prosecution wanted to put a warrant out for Wafer from the onset..I’m hopeful that is a positive sign of things to come..Yes, we’ll see. In the interim we’ll try to be patient . SO thankful to you for keeping us updated..It is much appreciated. 2 thumbs UP and kudos

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