Prophecies For The Future


And when I say The Future I mean Right Now because everything is happening At Once. Past, Present and the Future all blazing across the night sky of your Life in this moment.

I know that the tables are turning. Nay, being flipped. Oppressed people Always rise up and toss away their fetters.

Some of you think there were only those few uprisings that barely get mentioned in your American History books, but you’d be very wrong and very unwise to believe that.

White supremacy knows how to suppress, obfuscate, destroy and basically hide the inconvenient Truth.

And when I say white supremacy I mean to say that patriarchy goes hand in hand.

And the uprising for which is speak – today – is that of women being tired of the foot on their necks. And like the women’s movement(s) of the past WOC will be at the forefront. Nay, actually the ones who start it off.

What you didn’t know? Mind the “history” books and “literature” that you read on any and all subjects.

It is already happening. When I walk my streets, and feel the wind, and taste the stars on these frozen desert nights I know it.

People across the world are say NO to the status quo.

People everywhere are Standing Up and Sitting In and refusing to be moved.

What starts as words running across the retinas of my eyes and leaks into my soul… well I’ve had enough. I have decided that those words don’t matter.

That the real power is in the Action. The Doing. I may have bowed out of the front lines, but I nourish the soldiers in this fight from behind the scenes.

I send out the power of my Thought, my Prayer, my Voice and I say unto them All: I am with you, I hear you, I see you and you will not be moved!

I deny the boot upon my neck, I deny the poison filled words sent spewing across digital relays, I put out my hand palm up and refuse them passage into my heart.

Nobody knows more than the writer who cannot write, what suffering it is when the words fire in your heart, mix in your brain, but turn to ashes on your tongue and dust on your fingertips.

You may have been missing my words as I struggled with my soul and so this message now comes to you today after so long a silence where I screamed and shuddered and could not write…

I will not be moved.

I will not let them win.

I will rise up with my Sisters and put an end to the Madness.

How the plantation owners on both island and land quaked and lived in fear of the poisoned supper, the fire, the Black fist sent smashing through their fragile chains and systems of oppression and power.

There are illusions here, and maybe perhaps I got caught up in them, and thus lost my Path for a little while.

I am Buddhist. I know from Illusion. I am also Human and can lose my Way.

I have found it now. I have regained the rhythm of my footsteps, sometimes running, sometimes, slow and steady – but Always Forward!

Sit still in Silence. Be Vibrantly Alive. Follow your Heart.

Never defer your Dreams.

Dear Hearts, I speak to you today from the mountainside of the valley where I lost my way and I say Unto Thee:

Be the Best Human Being that you can Be.

Follow the Signs that show up in your Life.

Be Not Afraid.

I spread my wings over you and yours in Protection and Love and with the Unforgiving Justice of an Angel

The soft feather – just one – tips the Scales in your Favor.

Now Run!

Follow the Light. That Way is not Death it is The Life that you are meant to Live and I am the Doorway. The Signpost. The Lamp to light your way.


Your Sisters are calling, singing, and with the Dance of their footsteps, with the beating of their Collective Hearts

They have a Message for you:


The future is now. It is happening every day. What you do now and in each moment Changes Everything.
Be Not Afraid.
I Hear You. I See You.
The lamp is lit. It stands in the Window. All you have to do is put one foot on the Path and you will find your way Home
Step by Step.
This I Promise To You on This Day. That All That you Dream Will Come True. 

About Awake BW

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