The Average Age is 7 to 17

Just for once I’d like to see an article about how a middle aged white man shot an actual gang member. Or to read about how a white “homeowner” defended his castle against actual criminals hell bent on invading and stealing.

Or whatever.

Because I know you’ve noticed that when these grown men are “standing their ground” or “defending their homes” or “policing the neighborhood” their targets are invariably children or young teens. Unarmed. Not criminals. Just everyday young Americans.

And you can bet that they knew good and well their targets were weaker than they were as well as being unarmed. That they posed no threat to them, or caused them any fear despite what they go on to say or have their lawyers say in court.

People do not hunt down, pursue, confront, approach, open their doors to people or persons that they are afraid of or feel threatened by.

People usually avoid confrontation, turn the other way, run from or keep their doors firmly shut against such things that bring on fear and the threat of life.

Yet time and time again you see grown white males shooting and killing that which supposedly scared them so much they feared for their lives, after not avoiding, but confronting; Not walking or driving away but going towards; not keeping the door firmly shut but opening it wide.

You never read about how these men were chased down by their victims and as a last resort felt they had no other recourse but to shoot and kill. You never read about how these men were under siege in their homes, and called the police for help.

No, you get to hear about how frightened they were. How they were protecting their property and their white women, how righteous they were in killing Black children.

I, for one, am sick and tired of it.


A grown man shooting an 8 year old child in the face.

A grown man shooting a 19 year old young woman in the face.

A grown man opening fire in a public place aiming at young teens in a car.

The list goes on and on and just for once I’d like to read about some white guy confronting a real thug. An actual gang member. An actual criminal. Hell just even an actual adult of any ilk for a damn change.

There is a reason why their targets are so young. And always unarmed.

Base and craven cowardice.

They might have fear, hatred and who knows what all else for the monolithic “Black People” and be gun owners just itching to “kill a nigger”. Well why don’t you roll on over to gangland territory and start shootin shit up?

Well why on earth should they? They might actually be killed. They might face actual bodily harm. The odds are not in their favor. Or maybe they would be equalized. Armed adults facing armed adults.

But when you target children and teens, girls and boys who you know good and damn well pose you no threat whatsoever – well you have a 100% chance of coming out of your encounter alive and well.

And should you even get arrested for ending a human life you have a legal system that was created just for you, and works in your favor, with laws created for just the situation you put yourself in. Laws and a system of “justice” that is made for you to get away with murder, to be able to trumpet your justifiable reasons for killing to the world, created for you to kill and kill and never have to be responsible for your crime, or do any time for murder.

Some have said it is now open season on Black bodies. Well I say it has always been. There might have been a lull where the laws on the books weren’t so blatant – you know that progress thing we always talk about – but as I said in a recent post – these Stand Your Ground laws are brand spanking new.

So open season as per usual, but now with the additional bonus that there are actual laws provided for you to get off scott-free should you take it upon yourself to commit murder.


I am absolutely thrilled to be living in a world where if someone should murder my son he would be painted in the press as being a thug. No matter, like Trayvon Martin, or Jordan Davis, that he might just be a regular kid. Not a gun-toting criminal. Have no criminal record. Be a good student. Just be chilling out being a human being going about his life.

Until he’s shot to death and mealy mouth lawyers drag his name in the dirt. Never mind he’s brilliant, smart, funny, educated, plays guitar, excels in both math and sports and is beautiful, vibrant and my very own. But he is a threat, a thing to be feared, a ravening beast to protect white women and white-owned property against.

Fuck You World That We Live In I Hate You So Much!

To be sure my child is an adult now, but that just puts him in the path of other dangers. Sure cowardly white males won’t be gunning for him, but I’m sure being stopped and frisked is always a present thing, or “fitting the description“. Or heaven help him if he gets hurt and goes knocking on a door for help.

This stuff is historical. This is not anything new. The stuff that gets spouted on those witness stands in courts has been said over and over again for hundreds and hundreds of years. Sweet Buddha could you not hear the tone of voice Dunn took on the stand? He was severely affronted, put out, insulted, highly MIFFED that he was even arrested, much less put on trial for doing something so uneventful as doing away with a Black life.

He was one step up from the “I only shot a nigger” guy. In fact he is that guy. Just with a skosh bit more education, articulation and basic smarts.

Used to be you could just shoot a Black person and go about your day without being hassled. That’s what was between the lines of everything he spoke about on that stand.

How he described being finally arrested. The insult of being treated like a criminal! Making him take off his shirt and kneel down! It’s not like he murdered anyone or anything like that!

Because at the end of the day, Black people, POCs in general are not human.

You can say “oh he was a thug” and half the planet believes it. Because he’s Black so…..

You can say you were afraid for your life and you will be believed because those Black animals, those criminal THUGS are terrifying beasts and well you had to shoot and kill.

You were after all protecting your precious white life, your pure white woman, your home and property…

So Of Course.

And don’t get me started on those white people who do awful crimes – murdering children etc – and blame “A Black Man” for it. And why shouldn’t they? They have a very good chance of being believed. Last week I read an article about a guy who was ALONE and shot himself and – you guessed it – blamed “A Black Man” for shooting him. O.o


Just for once I’d like to read an article about one of these guys mixing it up with someone from the MS-13, the Crips, Bloods or a stone cold hermano from The 18th Street Gang. Effing cowards. Stop killing our children!

Of interest and recommended: These Two Podcasts from Historical Blackness brought to you by the amazing folks over at TWiB FM, This Week In Blackness. In particular podcast #2 which puts the Dunn trial into historical context.


Enough is Enough.
If you as a white person  reading this, are tired of this ish too, it is time to stand up and start being active. It is my heartfelt belief that racism and the dangerous and unfair practices that spawn from it WILL NOT BE STOPPED UNLESS THOSE THAT CREATED IT ARE THE ONES TO DISMANTLE IT.
If we could do it on our own, it would have been done already. You are the majority demographic in this country and can move mountains, repeal laws, vote people out of office etc etc.
Join The Fight.

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7 Responses to The Average Age is 7 to 17

  1. loc'dempress says:

    People do not hunt down, pursue, confront, approach, open their doors to people or persons that they are afraid of or feel threatened by.


    Just for once I’d like to read an article about one of these guys mixing it up with someone from the MS-13, the Crips, Bloods or a stone cold hermano from The 18th Street Gang. Effing cowards. Stop killing our children!

    Dream on, sista. Gun-play may not be equal. It is against the(ir) rules. I look forward to a drastically less violent society. Now, I’m off to find an article about this dud who shot himself and blamed it on some “unknown person”.

    • Awake BW says:

      Here you go:

      Note how carefully he describes the man that supposedly shot him:

      “He had described the black male suspect as 6 feet tall, 185 pounds, and in his late 20s. Posada said that the man had been “wearing a black hoodie-style sweatshirt, blue jeans and black, high-top shoes with silver stripes,” the The Record Search Light reported.”

      ie: Big Black Scary Brute Wearing Thug Outfit.

      And true that about gunplay not being equal. I am a Pacifist. I surely don’t believe in violence. But yeah I would love to see a mix up like I described. Only I because know it will never happen. These cowards wouldn’t DARE.

      Very unequal indeed.

      Look at Angela Corey now trying to get SIXTY YEARS for Marissa Alexander. 20 years for firing a warning shot – not murdering or hurting anyone – to scare her assailant wasn’t enough.

  2. Because I know you’ve noticed that when these grown men are “standing their ground” or “defending their homes” or “policing the neighborhood” their targets are invariably children or young teens. Unarmed. Not criminals. Just everyday young Americans.


  3. And let’s not forget…this is all coming off fresh off the heels of the news that children of color officially outnumber white children in this country. So I’m not remotely surprised grown white men are arming themselves to go wipe ’em all out and that the just-us system is whistling a happy tune.

    • Awake BW says:

      I’m SO glad you mentioned that, because I’d been thinking – for awhile now – that this has something to do with them feeling like this is a survival thing. The in recent years resurfacing of white victimhood especially white male victimhood notwithstanding.

      Dunn’s description of how things went down from his point of view you’d have thunk he was on the front lines in Afghanistan. He even mentioned the word “war”. Interesting war when he’s the only one armed and shooting shit up.

      • bernasvibe says:

        It is a survival thing to them in their minds..Theres that infamous they again..Hate using that but we all know who the ‘they’ are in this context..Sadly, but it is what it is..Fear, is what is motivating them..Or so my Daddy believes; and I happen to agree with them..This ‘newest’ movement to start blatantly killing of young Black males in our country; came about (or so it appears..) when President Obama was elected. The first time…Can they possibly kill off all our young Black males so they can’t also possibly become President? Is that the motivation? All the half-riots yelling out , We want our country back?..On the flip side of that I’ve got very White liberal friends from not-so-liberal places; who say they know for a fact that infamous ‘they’ have been planning a race war in America for years and years and years and years..The struggle still continues is more than just a cliche. It is our reality.

  4. bernasvibe says:

    I couldn’t agree more with every single word..Sadly, I might add..Yes, it IS getting worse! I have vented on this in posts and offline conversations..Even if I wasn’t mother to 3 Black, grown sons; I’d still be appalled as a Black woman..Stand Your Ground law is no more than a new name for Old Jim Crow Laws..We’re moving backwards far faster than the slow progression we thought we’d mustered up

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