Renisha McBride’s Killer Gets Sentenced

According to This Article from the LA Times Theodore P. Wafer who murdered Renisha McBride, is getting 17-32 years. At the very least he is gonna do 17 years. I say he got off easy. A couple of people on my twitter TL disagreed a little bit. The relief for having some sort of justice in these days when it’s been few and far between of late might be a mitigating factor in that, so I’ll agree with them on the emotional part of it, but I disagree on the rest.

Consider This Post I did about Renisha McBride when Wafer’s name was released when he was (finally) charged with anything. I quoted from a Think Progress Article that listed what the charges were and their possible terms:

The charges include murder in the second degree, which carries a term of up to life in prison; a manslaughter charge with a maximum term of 15 years in prison; and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony or attempted commission, which carries a term of two years in prison.

At that time, and in my post, I expressed my doubts on getting any lengthy prison terms for Wafer because of the language of the charges. I’ve bolded the parts that were of concern to me. And you can see I was right in my concerns. You take a life, you do life in prison. That’s the way I see it. You forfeited your life, the second you decided to take someone else’s away. I don’t believe in the death penalty (religious reasons, Buddhist), but you commit the crime you do the time.


He’s going to do the maximum on that manslaughter charge. And do the two years they tacked on for those firearm charges. The rest, the tail end of the 17 to 32 years part, well I guess he might get time off for good behavior or be able to appeal after his 17 years are up. I don’t know. Something was mentioned in that original LA Times article, on how 17 years is “a death sentence” because Wafer is 55 years old. He’ll be 72 at the end of those 17 years. My father is around that age and still alive and kicking and doing pretty well healthwise.


If it does end up being that he dies in prison: WELP.

Shoulda thought about that BEFORE he opted to kill Renisha on his front porch.

I mentioned I was a Buddhist and we are supposed to have compassion for everyone. I said I was a Buddhist. I didn’t say I was a GOOD Buddhist.


He ended the life of a 19 year old young woman.

With what I thought to be premeditated actions on his part. Peep this:

You have to think about whether you’re gonna grab your gun or the phone. You have to think about it when you check to see if your gun is loaded. You have think about whether or not you’re gonna open your front door, or keep it closed and decide put down the gun and opt for calling the police, or ignoring the knocking-excuse me-I mean banging on your door and go back to sleep.

I read somewhere that Renisha had tried a few other houses and got no response. Either those folks weren’t home or they ignored her. Which is fine really. Because if you are so damn scared of WHATEVER you think is banging on your door, what you DON’T DO is open it wide. You keep it shut and cower silently in your house and hope it goes away.

Or you could call through the door, or a side window or something and ask the person who they are, what do they want, or yell at them to move on and leave you alone. There are SO MANY CHOICES that Wafer could have picked OTHER than to open his door and shoot Renisha in the face.

So yeah, I’m saying he should have gotten the maximum for that first charge of Murder In the Second Degree which is LIFE IN PRISON.

So sue me if you think I’m wrong, but that’s what I believe would have been justice, and been fair sentencing. As I said. Life for a Life. You end a life, you forfeit your own.


And one last thing to comment on before I go. Remember how Wafer went from “shooter” and “killer” too “homesteader” (really??) to “homeowner” in the first few hours when this story broke? Maybe you don’t remember, because it happened so damn fast, and then you couldn’t even pull up any headlines with shooter or killer in them anywhere near the first 10-20 pages of a Google search. I know because I TRIED.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw it happen.

Now guess what?

He’s back to being called a Killer, Murderer, and Shooter.


He was initially being framed in the press as a HOMEOWNER when the initial report and subsequent reporting on this case up until TODAY when he was actually sentenced and there was “no doubt” that we was indeed a KILLER.

(If you don’t know, referring to Wafer as a homeowner makes him look like a guy rightfully defending his home, his house, his property from whatever teeming hordes were banging on his door late at night. Framing which I think muddied the jury pool and was responsible for the lighter sentencing. Wafer could have very easily walked, and I’ll stake my life on knowing it was a near thing in that deliberation room. Praise Buddha he made it to sentencing and to that Judge who wasn’t going to be completely hoodwinked by the “afraid for his life” nonsense.)

Well fuck you too press, media & MSM. Fuck you ENTIRELY. I also saw some headlines and tweets from major news outlets that focused on Renisha’s toxicology report as if she deserved to be shot in the face and KILLED because she was impaired.

Where was the toxicology report on Wafer? Oh yeah, that’s right. They don’t do those on murderers. Only on the victims. Welcome to America. The 911 operator said he sounded confused. Was he drunk when he shot Renisha? High? Just sleepy because her “banging” on the door woke him up? We’ll never know.


And the really really last thing. People.



Read This if you don’t know what I mean. Especially the comments.

I’ll quote myself for the lazies who won’t read that post, because THIS IS SO IMPORTANT:

If someone I’ve harmed in any way comes up to me and offers me forgiveness all on their own, well that is their choice to do so, because I certainly wouldn’t ever ask them to forgive me. My compassion for the suffering I caused another human being would lead me to apologize, offer to make amends, make things right, take responsibility for my actions, and other things along those lines – but I would never never never ask for anyone to forgive me.


Rest in Peace Renisha. I’m glad you got some justice, and I’m truly happy to see something going mostly right for a damn change. But I’m gonna #StayWoke and I hope you all do too.
People who have murdered our Women, Children and Men are still running around free/walking away beating murder charges. The fight is still going on.


#Ferguson #HandsUpDontShoot Black Women Are Killed by the Police Too

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5 Responses to Renisha McBride’s Killer Gets Sentenced

  1. Toya McGuire says:

    IMHO he should do a year for every year she was alive plus, every year he stole from her when he murdered her.

    So if that means he never gets out, so be it.

    By the Goddess yes it is justice and we should be happy with that, but to me it feels like table scraps.

    • Awake BW says:

      I agree with every point you made, Toya. Table scraps indeed. I very deliberately didn’t overtly point out or talk about the racism involved in this case – as I did in my other posts about Renisha – because Reasons.

      But I will say this. Had I come to *my* door in this Red state I live in (AZ), with open carry and some of the most lenient gun “laws” on the planet, plus SYG and all that, and shot a white male in the face and killed him dead-murdered him in cold blood on my front porch:

      I’d be UNDER the jail right now. They would have thrown the whole book at me plus the sequels and anything else the author wrote.

      I’m exhausted to my very BONES seeing these table scraps being handed out time and time again. I’m glad you’re a fellow insomniac and are Wide Awake to the situation. We fight on together, we won’t give up.

  2. Toya says:

    The same here in Michigan. The only reason Renisha got this justice is because we raised holy hell. Otherwise mister murderer would have walked.

    You would be under the jail is right. But you or me probably would not even made it that far. We would have been tried and found guilty and lynched before setting one toe inside the jail house.

    One of my oldest friends wants me to move to the Phoenix area to be closer. But AZ has been doing some crazy shady things like Michigan. I am so not jumping from one pot of boiling stupidity to another pot of the same thing. Lol

    Definitely Wide Awake , and yes we will continue to fight and not give up.

    • Awake BW says:

      I can’t say much about Phoenix, but I been living in Tucson AZ for over 10 years. The Mexican border is a hop skip and jump from here, and most politics (heavily Republican, though Tucson has a strong Democrat voter base) and policies are concentrated on immigration.

      Black folks aren’t even on their radar out here, from voting profiles (non-existent: I checked), to policing. When I lived in California I got pulled over like every two months on the regular. In the past decade out here, I been pulled over just once, and I didn’t even get a ticket, the cop gave me a verbal warning. (Apparently he thought I’d run a stop sign – I hadn’t).

      Do I recommend AZ as a comfy place for Black folks? I do not. I don’t think there’s anywhere in America where we can escape from the kinds of things we’ve been talking about here. I’ve been considering for a very long time to expatriate myself from the USA altogether, because while I can deal with run of the mill racism from Europe or wherever else I may find myself: American racism and what happens within it’s structure is Special, Unique and Extremely Personal for African-Americans.

      When I have all my ducks in a row to be able to ditch out, I’m pretty sure I’m going to take that option, because I’m not sure I can survive mentally, physically and emotionally in this country for much longer. I’m gonna do a Tina Turner, a Nina Simone, a Josephine Baker and GTFO.

      I always advocate for Black folks to TRAVEL. You CAN save up money and go take a week and go somewhere ELSE and see what’s what. You don’t have to pack up your family and move, but it’s good to go see what life could be like OUTSIDE of this effed up country.

      I walk with you, side by side, my Awake Sister. We won’t give up.

  3. Toya says:

    If you are able to take that option to save your mental, physical and emotional self, please do. You can still fight the fight from afar.

    I am at a point where I am not able to move out of country. Though I would like too.

    I just don’t want to be my grandmother’s age of 88 (which she is right now) and we are still fighting to be recognize as human beings.

    This feeling is soul crushing. You can feel it in your bones. The pain as old as the step of the first slave onto these lands. We have been fighting for equality. We have been given table scraps that our Elders in the 50 and 60’s accepted, and somehow we are suppose to be okay with it.

    By the Goddess these eyes are Awake……

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