Viola SLAYED and Scandal Stayed

I’ll kick things off with my usual —-> SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT <—- Not because I want to spoil things for ya – I’m actually so not into doing that, but in my enthusiasm, I might ruin some aspects of the the two season openers (How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal) I’m gonna talk about next.

So read at your own risk if you have not yet seen these shows. Ya Been Warned :D


Let’s start with Scandal. Season 4 Episode 1 for those keeping track. I had one thing I wanted to see happening on that show, and one other thing I sure didn’t want to have happen, but knew was pretty inevitable, despite my hopes, wishes and dreams.

1. OPA and Olivia kicking butt with FIXING Washington D. C./White House scandals and Olivia’s gut back in fine working order, to help the process along.

It looked like to me, that that was the direction things might be heading in for this new season. The scandal they took on, was pretty run of the mill – compared to some of the doozies that have been on this show in the past – but The Gladiators had been apart for a long while, so I’m cool with giving them something easy to Handle first thing.

2. I want Olitz to go bye-bye. Ugh!

I knew this thing with Olivia and President Ghost would become a fixture on this show, but I hoped and prayed anyway lol. Oh Well.

At least I’ll always have THIS MOMENT. Brief, but Truly Awesome ROFL ;D

For the BEST Scandal Recaps EVAR check out Luvvie Ajayi of Awesomely Luvvie, her pop culture and humor blog, including This Episode’s Recap. There were some pretty fine TV moments, and I think Luvvie captured most of them. Some Twitter hashtags to keep track of on Thursday nights: #MustyMellie #FuckItMellie

Overall, Scandal stayed at it’s Kinda Meh stage for me, as it had been pretty much all last season. (see the tail end of my Why I Love Scandal post) However, I AM going to watch and continue to hope and pray for more FIXING, for more OLIVIA’S GUT IN TOP WORKING ORDER, for LESS OLITZ, and maybe cast a talented young BLACK WOMAN or LATINA or (hawt!) ASIAN GUY to take Harrison’s spot at OPA?


Viola Davis SLAYED in the premiere of How To Get Away With Murder.

/end review.

No but seriously? She SLAYED so completely. I was stomping and cheering and doing backflips (in my mind, ok lol) the whole time watching.

She absolutely smoldered on screen. Honey, HUSH! The second she strode into her lecture hall, wearing wine colored leather on top (unzipped down to Glory!), curve-hugging pencil skirt….. I was On The Floor!

Then she let loose her acting chops all over the episode and I was in HEAVEN! I kept having to hit pause and wipe away tears of absolute JOY every ten minutes.

I’m not sure you understand.

This will explain it MUCH MO BETTA. Viola in her own words on The View. Yeah click it, watch the clip. I’ll wait.

Yeah :D

Twitter hashtag to keep track of Thursday nights: #DatMurda

Viola Davis as Annalise Keating (<—yeah click dat!) is something special, and not to be missed. So go watch if you haven’t already. DVR, VCR, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, Betamax – me don cair… aww heck! Just Click Here and watch it NAO. Not sure how long ABC is going to have that up available to watch w/out signing in and all that so do eet soon as you can!

I leave you with a picture of even MORE Viola Slayage. You’re Welcome :)



Yes, I did also watch the 2nd Season opener of Sleepy Hollow. Another show featuring a Black woman lead :) Go Nicole Beharie! <—YES, click dat!
I loved it too, despite their hanging onto the Katrina character who has as of yet done nothing really to further any storylines or whatever. Ditch the witch, please. *yawn*
I look forward to more interaction between the two sisters, more Orlando Jones, and more John Cho. That hope and dreams thing LOL. They stayed true to form with the top-notch banter and SPARKAGE between Abbie and Ichabod (Ichabbie!), and the over the top fantasy elements that we’ve come to know and love. #SleepyHolla
I’ll keep watching, because it’s TV for ME, and there is so little of that around as you well know. Here’s A Fall 2014 Guide to Black Women on TV that should help out with that too :) Thank You, For Harriet!

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