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Don’t Shake That Family Tree

You know how when you are surfing around on the web and you see a headline or a link to something and you kinda want to click it, but then you go nooo I don’t think that would be a … Continue reading

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Beautiful Love

This post is threefold. One. To help dispel the myth, the propaganda that Black people don’t like LGBT people. First of all, monolith. I’ll go out on a limb and say most Black people are ok with homosexuality and are … Continue reading

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This Is Not Progress

A mother of a blond haired blue eyed little boy crowed to the world on her blog that we are doing something right because Her little boy said that that his mom said he could be anything he wanted to … Continue reading

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Black People Originate Memorial Day

Or as The Grio puts it: The African-American Roots and Civil War Origins of Memorial Day. Just passing along the info because I know my Intersect Tesseracts would Want To Know The True Skinny. I never knew the full info … Continue reading

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