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Renisha McBride’s Killer Gets Sentenced

According to This Article from the LA Times Theodore P. Wafer who murdered Renisha McBride, is getting 17-32 years. At the very least he is gonna do 17 years. I say he got off easy. A couple of people on … Continue reading

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The Horrors Of Obamacare

The Scary Truth About The Affordable Care Act. Love your current health plan? Keep it! For those Americans who already have health insurance, the only changes you will see under the law are new benefits, better protections from insurance company … Continue reading

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Invisible Girl: Twisted Sister

This is Part 3 of my “Invisibility Series”, which didn’t start out as such, but here we are. You can get caught up on the conversation by reading the first post, Black Woman Invisible, and the second, The Invisibility Continues. … Continue reading

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Wednesday Roundup

With everybody couching their racism behind dog whistles and whitesplaining speech, you just gotta admire this woman right here. She is just how I prefer my racists: Totally out of the closet, Sign-carrying and proud. Nothing worse than the surprise … Continue reading

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Another Urban Adventure

Like my adventure at the beginning of the month illustrated in THIS POST, this one took place in that very same convenience store. Yes, my life is thrilling. But seriously, life is what happens when you are at the tail … Continue reading

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Shout-Out To My Peeps

I want to give mad props, kudos and congratulations to the Black Voters of America who ROCKED IT during Election 2012. For the first time in like FOREVER Black voter turnout surpassed that of white voter turnout. Quick scan of … Continue reading

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Your New Facebook Overlords

Facebook wants to OWN YOUR WHOLE LIFE now. At a press conference Thursday, Facebook unveiled Home, a new smartphone software design it cryptically said “isn’t a phone or operating system,” but is “more than just an app” and will deliver … Continue reading

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