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Renisha McBride’s Killer Gets Sentenced

According to This Article from the LA Times Theodore P. Wafer who murdered Renisha McBride, is getting 17-32 years. At the very least he is gonna do 17 years. I say he got off easy. A couple of people on … Continue reading

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Theodore P. Wafer Murdered Renisha McBride

Now her killer can be named. Now that he is charged with committing an actual crime or something. Here Is His Face. What He Looks Like. If you are curious. I refuse to download his mug and sully my precious hard … Continue reading

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White Man Shoots Black Woman In The Back Of The Head Because She Asked For Help

I generally try to keep the titles of my posts short and sweet and to the point. Today the point is not short nor is it sweet, and you reading this will have to deal with it or take a … Continue reading

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