Gothic Tale of Horror


I lie as if on my deathbed

Their individual
Yet terribly insistent
Pressing down on me

They lie against my torso
Pushing the breath from my lungs
Abusing my ribcage
Like their own personal harpsichord

Like demons, nay succubi
As I slumber they perch
Apon my breast
And feast on my dreaming exhalations

A wiggle of a toe
Brings needle pain
Sharpened fang and promise
Of the bloodied claw?

They covet the coverlet
Demolish the duvet
And engage in nefarious
Across my pillows

Tormented yet bound
I cannot move
To displace them

I cannot for I love them

So as the yawning tunnel
Of the night
Endlessly streams forth
I lie there






Beneath cats.



2 Responses to Imprisoned

  1. M N Rajkumar says:

    Beautiful..Your posts are greatly enjoyable. Gracias.

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