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#HistoricalBlackness Opened My Eyes

I talk a LOT about being AWAKE and sending out the call for everyone to WAKE UP and by that I mean all of the levels of awareness. Basic #StayWoke policies and all that. But the other day on the … Continue reading

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Fashion Choice Not Criminal Behavior

Ok. On today’s TWiB podcast (#414/#BlackPrivilege) Elon James White shared with us a story. It came out of his reaction to that whole Black Privilege tumblr nonsense and well it got me to thinking about what he brought up too. … Continue reading

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Put Some Melanin In Ya Podcast

My post title: lyrics rapped by the awesome Jasiri X. (Get the full song Enter The Blackness – the TWiB theme – and more RIGHT HERE) I got to know this talented consciousness rapper when I viewed his What If … Continue reading

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