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The Day The Earth Stood Still

It happened one day. From one moment to the next. Things were carrying on as usual and then in the next moment everything was different. This was the day over two-thirds of Earth’s population disappeared. At first some thought it … Continue reading

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This Just Breaks My Heart

I pretty much follow only women on Twitter. And WOC mostly at that. It is very purposeful, and I think I can count on one hand the males I follow, and I believe they are nearly all contacts I made … Continue reading

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No Country For Real Men

American men are ravening beasts with no self control and women and girls need to arm themselves so as to not fall prey to these predatory monsters. To any American males who might be reading this, that sentence up there … Continue reading

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Have Compassion

Please, Dear Ones, Have Compassion. Find a quiet place and write down every single Woman and Girl who is important to you. Who is close to you. Who you love. If you are female, add your own name to that … Continue reading

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